Marc Rienzo’s Futuristic New York Mets Videos: A Baseball Singularity?!…

Are Marc Rienzo‘s futuristic New York Mets videos a baseball singularity?!…

OK, maybe not. But if one thing is for sure it must be the fact that these short computer generated clips can excite even a completely baseball-immune guy such as myself. Though, for safety reasons, I wouldn’t want to watch a game like this in person. ;-)

The Ball Unleashed

It’s pitcher versus batter as a high powered windup unleashes a sci-fi fastball in this thrilling one minute all CG short created exclusively for The New York Mets.


Heads Up Display

The fastest base stealer in the league squares off against a high-tech catcher. The classic showdown between catcher and base-stealer is given a sci-fi twist in this all CG short created exclusively for The New York Mets.


Heads-Up Display | Visual Effects Breakdown

Visual Effects Breakdown for “Heads-Up Display”



This nostalgic visual homage celebrates the NY Mets’ history and plays at Citi Field. A mix of archival historic photography and visual effects brings Shea Stadium back to life and allows fans to revisit memories of the Mets’ 1969 and 1986 World Series Championships.