Longevity and Genetics 2014 Conference

Aubrey de Grey speakingThe Lifespan Society of British Columbia, western Canada’s most futurist-oriented longevity organization, is hosting a radical life-extension conference in downtown Vancouver. The event will be held on November 15, 2014 and the theme for this year’s edition is Longevity and Genetics.

Keynote speaker Dr. Aubrey de Grey will be presenting on the latest developments in bio-rejuvenation and anti-aging research conducted at the SENS Foundation. The conference will feature a full-day of expert presentations from four other notable speakers:

Angela Brooks-WilsonDr. Angela Brooks-Wilson is the Head of Cancer Genetics at the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency. She is also a professor in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. Her current work focuses on the genetics of healthy aging and the genetics of susceptibility to cancer, particularly blood cancers, in families and populations. She leads the Genomics, Genetics and Gerontology (G3) Team for the Study of Healthy Aging, in which exceptionally healthy elderly individuals (‘Super-Seniors’) are helping to determine the genetic influences that contribute to healthy aging and protect against age-related diseases.

S. Jay OlshanskyDr. S. Jay Olshansky received his Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Chicago in 1984. He is currently a Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Research Associate at the Center on Aging at the University of Chicago. The focus of his research to date has been on estimates of the upper limits to human longevity, exploring the health and public policy implications associated with individual and population aging, forecasts of the size, survival, and age structure of the population, pursuit of the scientific means to slow aging in people (The Longevity Dividend), and global implications of the re-emergence of infectious and parasitic diseases. In addition, Dr. Olshansky is the first author of The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging.

Clinton (Cosmo) MielkeDr. Clinton (Cosmo) Mielke completed his doctoral research at the Mayo Clinic on insulin signaling and resistance in skeletal muscle. Cosmo’s current research interests include the genetic basis of obesity (specifically in genes that regulate overall metabolism), eating behavior, and sleep.  He is the founder of infino.me, a non-profit organization that uses quantified-self equipment to gather information in order to identify and cure chronic diseases.

Ben BestBen Best is the Director of Research Oversight at the Life Extension Foundation.  He is well-known within the life-extension community and has travelled to many longevity conferences. He evaluates life-extension related research proposals and makes recommendations on funding them.  Ben has a background in pharmacology and has spoken on a number of topics ranging from cryobiology to biogerontology.  He will be giving a talk on dietary supplements for health and lifespan. The Life Extension Foundation has been funding cutting-edge anti-aging research for many years and is well-known for their educational outreach and philanthropy.

This conference is a diverse event, engaging several points of interest and relevance in the longevity space, from the cellular, genetic science of aging, to the latest epidemiological and even demographic research. You can also expect discussion on personalized medicine and quantified self-technologies, as well as big picture, sociological and philosophical, longevity-specific topics. The conference will be interactive, with a panel session for audience questions, and VIP options for further interaction with speakers.

If you have never been to Vancouver, this is your chance. Vancouver has been named one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where the mountains meet the ocean. A recent study has indicated that a majority of Canadians (59%) are in favor of life extension technology, with 47% expecting that science and technology will enable living until 120 by 2050. The Lifespan Society of British Columbia is keeping that momentum going and growing, and I’m glad they have organized such a high-caliber event. Tickets are still available here.

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