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3D Printing

Today the NY Times published an article about the budding manufacturing revolution spurred by 3D printing.

As the name suggests, 3D printing produces 3 dimensional objects as the final products of the printing process. What is even more important is that, once the technology gets sufficiently advanced, 3D printers will likely be able to produce virtually any kind of objects from clothing, toys, prosthetic limbs, microchips and electronics to cars, houses, airplanes, satellites, robots, pets and fully functional human organs.

Check out the original NY Times video below to see where the technology is right now.

Can you imagine a world where cheap portable 3D printers are available in every house?

The only question I have is: What is the first thing that you are going to print out from your own personal 3D printer?

Video Update:

Last December, Objet (a company that makes 3D printers and supplies) released a video preview of its upcoming 3D printer materials for 2011. The highlights are a clear plastic and a plastic that’s durable enough to print a usable skateboard.

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