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Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity Conference

What is the most likely path (technology) to achieve AGI?

When will we likely achieve human-level general intelligence?

How fast will its intelligence increase? An ‘explosion’?

How serious are the risks?

The Artificial Intelligence and The Singularity Conference is your best chance to hear a variety of answers to the above questions from leading experts on AI. It will be held on September 20, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, at Piedmont Veterans Hall, 401 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, California and you can get tickets at EventBrite for the nominal price of $20 – $35.

The Artificial Intelligence and The Singularity Conference is co-produced by Peter Voss of AGI Innovation Inc, Anya Petrova (FuturismX), Hank Pellissier of Brighter Brains Institute.  The Lead Sponsor is AGI Innovations, the Secondary Sponsor is Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.
Speaker List:
Peter Voss (Keynote), Monica AndersonGary MarcusFred Stitt, Jamais CascioZoltan Istvan, Nicole Sallak Anderson, Josh Bacigalupi, Scott Jackisch, Dr. Pavel Luksha, Anya Petrova and Hank Pellissier


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