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Calum Chace on Pandora’s Brain: AI is Coming and It Could Be the Best or the Worst Thing Thumbnail

Pandora's Brain is one of the most philosophical science fiction novels I have read recently. And since Calum Chace has been a valuable contributor to Singularity Weblog, as well as a great blogger with an interesting and diverse experience in his own right, I thought that he would make a [...]

William Hertling on Singularity 1 on 1: Expose Yourself to a Diversity of Inputs! Thumbnail

This is my second interview with William Hertling. The first time we met was at Greg Bear's house near Seattle where we did both a 1on1 interview and a fantastic science fiction panel together with our host and Ramez Naam. So I suggest you start by watching those videos if [...]

Singularity 1on1: Marc Goodman on Future Crimes Thumbnail

Marc Goodman is not your typical street cop - he considers himself a humanitarian, he is super smart and well educated, he has worked in over 70 countries and speaks more languages that I can list here. Marc has worked for Interpol and is the Futurist for the FBI. If that is not [...]

Why I Call Myself Socrates Thumbnail

My name is Nikola Danaylov and I am the one who dares to call himself Socrates. This is not an alias I have deliberately or consciously chosen myself. Nor is it one I have always embraced because it rarely serves me well. For as long as I can remember I [...]

The Power of Thought: Dr. Norman Doidge and the Brain That Changes Itself Thumbnail

Is the brain a hard-wired machine that cannot self-repair once you pass a certain age or stage of development?! Can the mind alter the brain?! Does the mind span beyond the bran as a lot more distributed, rather than localized process?! Dr. Norman Doidge believes the way we traditionally think [...]

Arthur C. Clarke Describes Accurately 2016…in 1976 [Video] Thumbnail

Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction author and futurist, crossed paths with the scientists of the Bell System on numerous occasions. In 1945, he concurrently, but independently, conceived of the first concept for a communications satellite at the same time as Bell Labs scientist, John Robinson Pierce. Pierce too, was a [...]

Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear The Singularity [Infographic] Thumbnail

"I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race" said Stephen Hawking. "With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon..." said Elon Musk. So why are some of the world's greatest minds and some of the world's best entrepreneurs considering the potential rise [...]

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