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Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan on His Presidential Campaign Thumbnail

Zoltan Istvan is the first unashamedly and unabashedly openly transhumanist presidential candidate in the history of the United States. His political campaign, his Immortality Bus Tour and his book the Transhumanist Wager, have managed to get a huge amount of global media coverage and stir a debate. For good or [...]

Unanimous AI CEO Dr. Louis Rosenberg on Human Swarming Thumbnail

How can humans ever hope to push back and delay the ever growing power of software based artificial intelligence? Well, Dr. Louis Rosenberg - founder and CEO of Unanimous AI, believes that human swarming may be able to amplify human intelligence and buy us some time, if not change the [...]

My Journey to Singularity and Beyond: An Evening Symposium with Socrates in Rotterdam Thumbnail

On November 17, 2015 Singularity University Netherlands is organizing a 3 hour evening symposium with me where I will share my personal story of leaving Bulgaria, attending Singularity University and becoming the biggest independent blogger and podcaster on topics such as the singularity, AI and transhumanism. In addition, I will [...]

DJ MacLennan on his Cryonics book “Frozen to Life” Thumbnail

To me cryonics just makes sense. It may not be pretty but, just like open heart surgery, it is one of those things that, without any guarantees, can possibly extend your life [very] substantially. Thus, especially given the alternative, I just can't quite make sense of the slow rate of [...]

Nikola Danaylov on Tea At Taxevity: Podcasting vs. Vlogging Thumbnail

This is a short 15 min interview I did a couple of weeks ago on Promod Sharma's Tea at Taxevity Show where we talk about topics such as: the differences between podcasting and vlogging; why I believe one should do both audio and video, the importance of passion and my [...]

Thank you for being a part of my life and RIP Arthur Traviss Corry Thumbnail

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I wanted to use the occasion to thank my friend Arthur Traviss Cörry for being a part of my life. At 41 Arthur was diagnosed with terminal cancer and doctors were estimating he had somewhere between 6 weeks and 6 months left to live. Unfortunately, the cancer [...]

Dr. Michael Fratkin on Life, Death and Palliative Care Thumbnail

Whether we like it or not, the current reality is that every day 150,000 people die. And while I have no doubt that one day humanity will defeat death of old age, like anyone else, I am not guaranteed that I will be alive to benefit personally from such a [...]

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