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Calum Chace on Surviving AI Thumbnail

"AI is coming and it could be the best or the worst thing" was Calum Chace's message at the end of my first interview with him. Since then Chace has written a non-fiction book on Surviving AI and, given that it is a matter of the survival of our species, I thought [...]

Ex CIA Spook Robert Steele on Open Source Everything: Ethics is an Operating System Thumbnail

Robert Steele is a very interesting person indeed: in the 1980s Robert was a clandestine CIA agent who believed not only in secrecy but also in Reagan's right-wing politics and trickle down economics. Today Steele is the author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust. So how does a former [...]

Marvin Minsky and The Beginning of AI [Video Highlights] Thumbnail

Marvin Minsky - often referred to as "the father of Artificial Intelligence", died last week at the age of 88. The sad event was noted by both Singularitarians and skeptics from across the world and a Singularity Weblog fan sent me a remix of highlights from my original interview with Minsky [...]

The Choice is Ours: A Documentary about Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project Thumbnail

The Choice is Ours is a Venus Project documentary that explores many aspects of our society. To rethink what is possible in our world, we need to consider what kind of world we want to live in. Although we refer to it as civilization, it is anything but civilized. Visions [...]

Michael Fossel on Aging and the Telomerase Revolution Thumbnail

Dr. Michael Fossel is one of those few theoreticians who can see much of the big picture of aging. While some use mostly guesswork, and others hope to improve on that with logic, Fossel never shies away from the clear verdict that only data can give. Add his overwhelming compassion [...]

Forever Young: A Love Song To Ray Kurzweil Thumbnail

Check out this hilarious and brilliantly witty love song dedicated to Ray Kurzweil, futurist mega-stud and champion of the Singularity. Produced by Humanity Death Watch Directed by Dorian & Weston Lyrics: Mr. Kurzweil please stay for a while. Singularity's near, we're only watching the clock. Hoping for the best but [...]

BioViva CEO Liz Parrish on Becoming Gene Therapy Test Subject Thumbnail

Last time I interviewed BioViva CEO Liz Parrish I had no idea that she would make global headlines shortly thereafter by becoming a gene therapy test subject herself. And so I wanted to bring her back to discuss the kind of experiment she volunteered for, as well as the broad [...]

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