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Marco Alpini

Limiting Factors: Is the current economic growth model limited by the speed of light? Thumbnail

Economic Growth and the speed of light may sound not to be very much related to each other. How is it possible that the growth model at the basis of the global economy is intrinsically limited by the speed of light? We all know that the current economic model is [...]

Is there a limit to Intelligence? Thumbnail

There is little doubt that sooner or later we will be able to create intelligence out of transistors and electricity. Biology shouldn’t be the only medium able to support intelligence and this will be proven right as soon the first Artificial Intelligence is created. But what is intelligence? Can we [...]

Why Experience Matters for Artificial General Intelligence Thumbnail

Experience is a very much regarded human quality, generally neglected when we wander about the future abilities of Artificial General Intelligence. We are probably missing a fundamental factor in our debate about AI. Experience is almost everything for us, it is what makes evolution work; we are what we are [...]

Does Evolution lead to Singularity? Thumbnail

The most spectacular manifestation of an accelerating trend is when its progression becomes exponential or more. An exponential progression is clearly unsustainable in the real world reaching very quickly a collapse point of the underlying process. In case of accelerating technological development, the collapse point is generally identified with the [...]

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