The Best of Singularity Weblog in 2012

Now that the old year is officially over, it is time to look back and acknowledge the very best posts on Singularity Weblog for 2012.

However, instead of writing a top 10 (or even worse – top 20) list, which research suggests people rarely read past the first 5, I intend to trick your brain by posting a bunch of Top 3 lists in several categories.  In this way, hopefully, you will get to (re)discover a few interesting articles from the Singularity Weblog Archive that you may have otherwise missed.

So, the categories that I have in mind are: most popular Singularity 1 on 1 podcast episodes; best articles by Socrates; best guest posts; most popular news; most popular short sci fi films and documentaries; best reviews and, finally, some old but gold articles from years past.

The metrics used for the ranking are a combination of Google Analytics, social bookmarks, post comments, emails to Socrates, and my rather partial and subjective personal opinion ;- )

In short, the list is compiled on the basis of 90% direct or indirect reader input from you, and 10% editorial assessment from me. Also, please note that once a post has been listed in one category it is automatically disqualified from the other ones.

Hope you like it, but, even if you don’t, make sure you set me straight with your comments after the post!


Most Popular Singularity 1 on 1 Podcast Episodes

Ray Kurzweil on Singularity 1 on 1: Be Who You Would Like To Be

Cory Doctorow on Singularity 1 on 1: The Singularity Is A Progressive Apocalypse

Hugo de Garis on Singularity 1 on 1: Are We Building Gods or Terminators?


Top 3 Singularity Op Ed Articles (by Socrates)

Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear The Singularity

17 Definitions of the Technological Singularity

Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity


Most Popular News

The Water Plasma Purifier: Clean, Safe and Cheap Water for Billions of People

Implants or Dentures?! How About Regrowing Your Own Teeth?

Teenager Invents Cancer Test Using Google


Top 3 Guest Blog Posts

Scarcity Causes All Wars and Violence

Our Grey Goo Future: Possibility and Probability

Artificial, Intelligent, and Completely Uninterested in You


Most Popular Sci Fi Short Films

Ruin: A Stunning Short Sci Fi Film by Wes Ball

Cost of Living: Short Sci Fi Film by Bendavid Grabinski

Aaron Sims’ Film Archetype: Your Memories Are Just A Glitch!


Top 3 Documentaries

Head-Transplantation: A Short Documentary about Dr. R. J. White’s Controversial Experiments

The Machine that Changed the World (Documentary)

Richard Feynman – The Last Journey Of A Genius (documentary)


Top Reviews

Prometheus Gave Us Fire. Ridley Scott’s Film Gave Us Hype, Disappointment And All The Wrong Messages!

Cloud Atlas: A Sextet Of Artistic Genius, Daring Imagination And Profound, Multi-Layered Meaning

TimeScapes: A Stunning Film by Tom Lowe


Singularity Humor

A Desktop Singularity: Security Cam Footage of The Technological Singularity As It Actually Happened


Old But Gold (Previously published content still getting good traffic)

Aubrey de Grey’s Singularity Podcast: Longevity Escape Velocity May Be Closer Than We Think (Singularity 1 on 1 interview)

23andMe DNA Test Review: It’s Right For Me But Is It Right for You? (product review)

Can Terraforming Venus Be The Solution To Population Growth? (Guest Blog Op Ed)

The Perils of Voice Recognition Technology (Funny Clip)

The Einstein Theory of Relativity: a 1923 Silent Animated Film

ROSA: an Epic Sci Fi Short Film by Jesus Orellana (short sci fi film)

Top 5 Tips for Applying to Singularity University

The Importance of Doubt, Asking Questions and Not Knowing (Op Ed)

A Transhumanist Manifesto (manifesto proposal)

Hamlet’s Transhumanist Dilemma: Will Technology Replace Biology? (poetry?!)


Browse More

The Switch by James W. Clement preview

The Switch: How to Ignite Your Metabolism with Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling and Keto

On Manifestos and Dilemmas preview

On Transhumanist Manifestos and Dilemmas

Nikola Danaylov on Aways Another Way Podcast

Nikola Danaylov on the Always Another Way Podcast: The World is Transformed by Asking Questions

Dislike Icon. Thumb Down, Hand or Finger Illustration. Symbol of Negative. Rate Choice for Social Media, Web and Apps. Vector illustration

Magic, Manic and Monstrous: How Facebook is Programming Us

You're Fired. 3d rendering graphic composition on the subject of "Technological Displacement Of Jobs / Robotization".

On Tech Unemployment and the Labor vs Capital Balance of Power

What´s Your Why?

Technology is the How, not the Why or What

A male in elegant suit standing on a small ladder and drawing progressing lines on grey wall background

On Singularity University and the Danger of Being Exponential

Social inequality. Social inequality between the rich and ordinary people

Is the Singularity Steering us Toward the Greatest Inequality in History?