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Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition

Blade-RunnerArt history has taken a new turn with the animation Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition, created by the Sweden based artist Anders Ramsell.

The original Blade Runner is a 1982 American dystopian science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. Anyone who has ever tried to do a cover of a favorite song or worked with an ensemble to put up a play knows that you always try to add something new, something that makes it your very own…

Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition takes you even further away in the future with its colors and volatility. Never before has someone made a paraphrase on a movie like this, with thousands and thousands of watercolor paintings.

This animation consists of 12,597 handmade watercolor paintings, each of which is approximately 1,5 X 3 cm in size. Together they form Anders Ramsell’s 35 minute long redux on the classic sci fi motion picture by Ridley Scott.


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