Cost of Living: Short Sci Fi Film by Bendavid Grabinski

Cost of Living is a short science fiction indie film written and directed by Bendavid Grabinski.

The movie is 9 minutes long and features actors Brandon Routh as Silas, Bret Harrison as Jerry and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the computer voice.

Cost of Living played at a number of film festivals last year and became available on-line only recently. I find that the movie is both funny and gripping – a feat accomplished without any expensive special effects or fancy decor. The actors deliver inspired performances and the humor is dark, witty and detached – just like the computer-generated-voice reverberating over the loudspeakers throughout the film.

The movie has a great soundtrack and audio effects so make sure you have the sound on and up when you’re watching it.


Synopsis: Two young security guards at an unusual corporation have a bad night.


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