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Glenn Martin’s 100,000 Dollar Flying Jetpack

In the videos below, Glenn Martin, the kiwi inventor of the Martin Flying Jetpack, first demonstrates the jetpack and then explains how it works.  This device runs on gasoline, can stay in the air for about half an hour, and can lift up to a 110kg. It has 2 joysticks and a flight control monitor and is supposed to be very easy to fly, with the average person requiring about 40 minutes or so of training.

Sir Richard Branson and Larry Page are among the people who have tested the device already and have expessed a desire to purchase a unit as soon as the final prototype is finished.

The Martin Flying Jetpack Specs:

Engine: a single 2.0 liter V4 engine.
Range: About 50km. (or about 30 min)
Max Speed: 100km/h.
Lift Capability: Pilot weight must be between 63.5kg and 108.9kg.
Cost: About $100-150,000 (depending on production volumes).

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