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IBM Asks: What Will You Do With Watson?

IBM WatsonIBM Watson is defining a new era of cognitive technology. This generation of problem solvers is going to learn much faster with IBM Watson. And Watson, in turn, will learn much faster with us. Developers will solve new problems. Business leaders will ask bigger questions. And together, we’ll do things generations before couldn’t dream of.

Learn more at ibmwatson.com. Join the conversation at #IBMWatson.


IBM General Mgr. Manoj Saxena discusses the future of IBM Watson

At Enterprise2013, GM of IBM Watson Solutions Manoj Saxena shares how Watson is exploring new areas of cognitive computing across multiple industries — allowing businesses to gain unique insight that could lead to new innovation. Find out how IBM is helping clients leverage processing capabilities like never before.


Professor Lynda Chin discusses working with IBM & IBM Watson

At Enterprise2013, Dept. Chair of Genomic Medicine, Division of Cancer Medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center — Lynda Chin — reveals her hospital’s ambitious plan to accelerate the pace of converting scientific discoveries into medical breakthroughs and cures, and how IBM aided the hospital in its cause.


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