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Implants or Dentures?! How About Regrowing Your Own Teeth?

Are you suffering from tooth-loss? Are you considering dental implants?

If you wait long enough you may eventually be able to regrow your own teeth:

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have developed a way to use your body’s own stem cells to regrow your own new set of teeth. Currently, the process lasts about nine weeks and has been tested at the level of lab rats but, if it tests successfully in humans, it will eventually replace dental implants altogether.

Who would want to wear dentures given the option of growing one’s own healthy set of teeth?

The main implication, however, is this:

Are teeth fundamentally any different than any other tissue or organ in the human body?

My reply is that differences in tissues and organ complexity will impact only the timelime and not the outcome of eventually (re)growing or cloning every single organ of the human body, even the brain itself.

What do you think?

Would you choose implants or a new set of your own teeth?

Your aged, warn-out body or your new, healthier and stronger one?

For me the choice is obvious…

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