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Implants or Dentures?! How About Regrowing Your Own Teeth?

Are you suffering from tooth-loss? Are you considering dental implants?

If you wait long enough you may eventually be able to regrow your own teeth:

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have developed a way to use your body’s own stem cells to regrow your own new set of teeth. Currently, the process lasts about nine weeks and has been tested at the level of lab rats but, if it tests successfully in humans, it will eventually replace dental implants altogether.

Who would want to wear dentures given the option of growing one’s own healthy set of teeth?

The main implication, however, is this:

Are teeth fundamentally any different than any other tissue or organ in the human body?

My reply is that differences in tissues and organ complexity will impact only the timelime and not the outcome of eventually (re)growing or cloning every single organ of the human body, even the brain itself.

What do you think?

Would you choose implants or a new set of your own teeth?

Your aged, warn-out body or your new, healthier and stronger one?

For me the choice is obvious…

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  • Adriano_viii

    I love STEM CELLS.

  • https://www.singularityweblog.com/ Socrates

    Me too! ;-)

  • Nusun

    Wow!!!Wow!!!Wow!! I love science that help improve the quality of life and reduce the need for natural resources. With this, you can grow your own natural teeth. No need for elephant ivory or titanium, or whatever. Your own TEETH. Sign me up as a lab rat, I’m cool with it.

  • Toothless

    I’d love to have a few words with that pretty little cosmetic dentist. Dental implants limit your options for medical care.

  • Sandy

    I would gladly sign up for clinical trials. The body has always been healing itself – now we are finally making use of this natural trait thru stem cells – yeh – doing it naturally is the way to go for at least 35 years in my life – so this is a natural step forward !

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  • Christine

    I have not gone to the Dentist in the past 15 years because I have been waiting for the possibility of regrowing my own teeth, and here it is.

  • Ace

    Of course the dentists aren’t going to want anything to do with this because they make a nice living drilling into perfectly healthy teeth to anchor the filling to. I know because I just spent $3000 with my dentist and I’m still not finished. I may stop going based on some of the new info I’ve found recently.

  • https://www.singularityweblog.com/ Socrates

    I agree with you on the current incentives friend. Still, I don’t recommend stopping seeing your dentist just yet. ;-)

  • Lisa

    They been saying this for years about regrow teeth nothing has happened.

  • junior

    I am very happy to hear this news happening

  • John Montana

    The aids scare I refused to go to a dentist since 1987

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrieblocher Carrie Blocher

    How can someone become part of these trials? I had mid evil extraction orthodontic work done as a child. I am in the process of reopening the gaps, and would love to regrow my teeth that I had wrongfully removed.

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  • Td Pit

    Count me in on clinical trail ,Please, I have the roots but not the top of tooth ,sure would love to be able to eat a solid meal again before I die so if this has a chance of working Please remember I asked you if you can help me with this growing my teeth back .I had a grandmother that actually did have a third set of teeth come in on the lower sectiion only doctors were amazed to see this .I saw her get a new tooth at 90 I though gosh would I be so lucky ,guess not unless stem cell reasearch would help .Thank You for your time

  • yilingxiao

    Please quickly,all of us wait your good message.

  • Butterfly

    I would be a test candidate forsure after braces wrecked my teeth!!!!

  • Adetunji Joseph Ojeleye

    same with me.i had also wrongfully removed my front tooth.now im looking forward to regrowing a new one.

  • Adetunji Joseph Ojeleye

    Sign me up as a lab rat, I’m cool with it.



  • https://www.facebook.com/tony.coleman.7927 Tony AlexCooper Cöleman

    What pretty little cosmetic dentist? You mean the one with the crooked nose and ears that stuck out?

  • loida malihan

    im patiently awaiting the results of stem cell tooth regeneration in humans

  • Glinda

    I want to be a labrat to regrow my teeth

  • Patricia Ann Smith Hicks

    I had all of my teeth pulled in one sitting two years ago to get dentures that I hate. They do not fit right, they fall out while I am eating, I can’t bite anything the least bit hard and they are driving me totally insane. I use adhesive and it doesn’t do a bit of good. They bother me so much, that while at home, I don’t even bother wearing them. Now on top of all of this, I am cutting a tooth. I am 56 years old and just now cutting a wisdom tooth. It is killing me, but I don’t have the money to get it cut out. Due to this tooth coming in, it’s getting almost impossible to wear my dentures at all. I don’t know what to do. I am on medicare and it doesn’t cover tooth extractions. I can’t afford to buy food, rather alone paying to get a tooth cut out. I sure wish I could be a guinea pig on growing new teeth. I would go for it in a heartbeat. Everything seems to go wrong for me, but hopefully I could get this right. Think of me if you need a volunteer. TrishaAnn1957@msn.com

  • http://batman-news.com Heidi

    I have 2 front teeth that were wrongly taken out.. I had a bad dentist and have wished for the past 30 years I never ever let him touch me.. I have had gum problems ever since.. I really really hope this happens because I would be the first to sign up

  • Freeway1

    I’m all for STEM CELL research! Any advances in science to improve quality of life outweighs the moral issue.

  • Lisa rose

    I had a wisdom tooth pulled at the dental school and it cost me Nothing. Oral surgeons can charge 250.00, I believe if it is not impact. I will sign up for stem cell teeth. I had a bad dentist that ruined my teeth and the im-plants all fell out due to perio-implantitis and and wrong dental fittings made my mouth and teeth slide breaking my three front teeth and I give up, My mouth is a mess. I wear flippers and use Fixodent. I have spent over 35K in teeth work and NO MORE~, I want stem cells. Mary L. Rose in Texas. Find me. My name is a household word…..lol

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