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Is Layar’s Interactive Printed Augmented Reality the Next Big Thing?!

The Netherlands-based software developer Layar, best known for its augmented reality smartphone application, is moving to help publishers more easily link print publications with digital content.

Layar Creator places the power of interactive print at everyone’s fingertips by what the company calls “the world’s easiest way to activate print media with digital content.” It’s a self-service web application that lets anyone infuse static pages with interactive experiences.

Software from Layar, founded in 2009 and backed by Intel Capital INTC.O, has been downloaded to more than 20 million mobile devices. However, the firm has struggled to generate revenues from its large consumer following and is turning to publishing firms using AR for advertising or adding digital content to print publications.

In this video general manager Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald speaks to Reuters TV about the shift from the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Paris:


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  • This feels like a rather awkward combination of media. You’d need 4 hands to do all the page flipping and toying with the smartphone features. It would work much better with Google Glass, I think.

  • And the last thing I want to see happen is a printed book or magazine coming to life with 500 stupid AR ads. The only way this is cool is if they come to life with interactive stuff that’s in the printed book/mag that’s relevant to the content – no ads.

    We need to find more modest ways of advertising that don’t annoy the hell out of people. I love AR but this looks like a one way ticket to a book full of interactive advertisements – like Mtv with books. No!

  • I largely agree with you Stacey! The problem is that advertisers do know that those ads do work. Look at Google – they built an empire on them. I was looking for an excuse to take off the ads off from Singularity Weblog but people said otherwise: https://www.singularityweblog.com/ads-or-no-ads/

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