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Mobile Innovators: BestBuy Features Ray Kurzweil on Super Bowl Ad

“I’m Ray Kurzweil. I gave your words a voice.”

This was Ray’s punchline during yesterday’s feature BestBuy Super Bowl ad also acknowledging a number of other mobile innovators.

The commercial focused the spotlight on ten technology innovators who have changed the way we use our phones:

Philippe Kahn: created the camera phone and MotionX
Neil Papworth: sent the first SMS message
Paul & David Bettner: created Words With Friends
Kevin Systrom: creator of the Instagram free photo sharing application
Jim McKelvey: created Square Mobile Pay
Chris Barton and Avery Wang: helped create Shazam
Daniel Henderson: video sharing

Kurzweil’s text-to-speech invention is utilized on mobile devices by enabling the reading of information for a visually challenged person, or it may be used to augment the reading of a text message or email. It is often used with voice recognition to answer questions.

Mobile Innovators: Original TV Version


Mobile Innovators: Extended Version

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