Nikola Danaylov on the Newsmakers: Is AI at the forefront of a new Cold War?

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Posted on: October 2, 2022 / Last Modified: October 2, 2022

Last month I had a very brief cameo on TRT News the Newsmakers. The topic of discussion was the current AI Arms race. Hope you enjoy it 😉

Here is the official video description from their YouTube channel:

Washington slapped new restrictions on tech companies from selling sophisticated microchips that are 10,000 times thinner than a strand of hair. Washington hopes the move will prevent enemies from advancing their AI weapons programs. However, Pentagon’s first chief software officer quit last year, saying the US has no fighting chance against China. The Kremlin has also created a department for developing artificial intelligence technologies. This time not for nuclear technology but rather Artificial Intelligence. As Washington, Beijing, and Moscow increase budgets to build AI weapons, what will be the consequences for modern warfare and humanity?

Guests: Ljupco Gjorgjinski Ex-chair of the UN Body Deliberating on Autonomous Weapons

Eerke Boiten Cyber Security Professor at De Montfort University

Nikola Danaylov Founder of Singularity Media

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