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A conversation about exponential tech, accelerating change and ethics

Here you will learn about:

  • important events, people and topics to pay attention to
  • a variety of expert opinions on what things mean and how they work
  • scenarios about how things may turn out and what actions you can take

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Latest Podcast Episode

BioViva CEO Liz Parrish on Singularity 1on1: Gene Therapy is NOT a Monstrous Science

Liz Parrish YouTube thumb

BioViva's CEO Liz Parrish is a fire-starter and probably not everyone's favorite person. But if your goal is as bold as defeating aging then you'll have to break some eggs. And so feel as you might but I have to admit that Parrish is definitely one of my favorite people - not [...]

Latest Article

Ultimate Constraint and the Probability of Singularity

Playing Dice with the Universe-thumb

There is a hypothesis by Theodore Modis, (1943-Living), that we can expect the rate of technological progress to begin slowing soon, because contrary to Ray Kurzweil (1943-Living), and ilk, technological progress is not exponential, it is logistical. It is Malthusian growth – named for Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) – whose [...]

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