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Ray Kurzweil on the Singularity and Bringing Back the Dead

Just a few days ago I published Ray Kurzweil’s interview for PBS where he spoke about the merging of humans and computers and immortality. Below you can find three more videos from that interview which didn’t make it in the final cut. Still, those are all very interesting because Ray discusses the definition of the technological singularity, his desire to bring back his dead father, immortality and his aggressive regiment of supplementation.

Ray Kurzweil speaks about the technological singularity, the event horizon beyond which we cannot see, virtual reality, mind uploading and continuity of consciousness.

In the second video Ray talks about mortality, his father’s early death, his genetic inheritance of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease, bringing back his dead father and the Turing Test.

In the third video Kurzweil discusses his aggressive daily supplementation regimen aimed at sustaining optimal health and delaying ageing.


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