Sons of Chaos: A Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi Film by Mathieu Turi

Sons of Chaos is a short post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie written and directed by french director Mathieu Turi.

The film is 15 min long and was shot for only $3000. Despite its super low budget it manages to not only grab but also keep the viewers’ attention with the help of some captivating scenes of wilderness and abandoned buildings, cool camera work with interesting perspective and a gripping original music score by Frederic Poirier.

The film was presented at different internationnal Film Festivals across the globe and has been selected at the Sitges Film Fest in 2011. Thus, when Mathiu Turi sent me an email suggesting that I share his film on I was happy to oblige.


Biological war has put an end to the world we used to know. The air is now toxic to mankind. And survivors are mere thousand. Organized into clans, they try to overcome bloodthirsty creatures, called the howlers. Every man who wants to protect the people must undergo a dangerous training…

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