The Man Who Prints Houses: a Documentary about Enrico Dini

The Man Who Prints Houses

The Man Who Prints Houses is a documentary about Enrico Dini. Dini is a robotics expert. He is also a self-styled ‘stone alchemist’: able to mimic the process of how rock forms under the seabed. Combining these two skills, he has developed a groundbreaking new construction technique based on the principle of 3D-printing. Enrico’s dream is to one day see houses of any shape and size printed robotically in solid stone – but as we all know, dreams can come at a price…

Enrico Dini is on a quest to revolutionise the way we view construction. But with his family life in tatters, and his business on its knees – has he sacrificed too much for the greater good? The Man Who Prints Houses is a poignant, funny and awe-inspiring documentary that delves into the troubled mind of a genius intent on changing the world forever.

A film by Jack Wake-Walker and Marc Webb.

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