Top 10 Robot Videos

Here are the top 10 robot videos that I have seen since the beginning of this year.

As you will see the robots in those videos are all very different from each other and range from industrial and mech-warfare robots to androids. Thus they are very hard to compare and for this reason I will not actually rank the videos but simply list them one after another.

Fast Speed Robo-Hand

This video shows off a stunningly fast robotic hand. Some of the video footage has been slowed so that it is easier to observe the motion. Still, don’t blink or you may miss the action.


A Japanese restaurant in Thailand called Hajime is served by 4 robo-waiters. After customers place their orders on touchscreens a humanoid samurai robot dressed in full armor delivers the dishes. While samurais were not known for their waiting or dancing skills, if the robot is not too busy serving others it can also do some slick dance moves.

The Geminoid F

The Geminoid F is an android developed in Osaka University and ATR by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro.

The Snackbot

The Snackbot is a robot developed by Carnegie Melon University and is designed to deliver and serve food.

The “Show Me The Way” Robot

The Robot that got lost but found its way home by asking strangers for directions.

The Female Fashion Model Android

Another Japanese Humanoid Robot is the HRP-4C that costs about 2 million dollars to make and is designed to eventually compete with the young female fashion models on the catwalk.

Adept Quatro Industrial Robot

The Adept Quatro Industrial Robot claims the title of being the fastest and most accurate industrial pick and place robot. See the video and judge for yourself.

The Towel Folding Robot

Turns out that towel folding is a highly complex, computation intensive process. Researchers at UC Berkeley have used the Willow Garage’s PR2 robot to fold towels. The problem is that it still takes the robot over 20 mins to fold the towel so the video footage is sped up fifty times faster than normal. (this video has no sound)

The HUBO 2

The HUBO2 humanoid robot was developed by Prof. Jun Ho Oh at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and technology.

The Mech Warfare Robots

Those homemade robots are designed to battle each other with Airsoft pellet guns at Mech Warfare. Still some of them are pretty impressive and remind me of their more sophisticated cousins currently being developed and deployed for real robotic warfare.

The Kojiro Robot

Kojiro is an advanced Musculoskeletol humanoid developed by the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory.

I can’t help but think of the recent photo archive of Popular Science’s Vintage Robots.

It is hard not to notice that we have made an incredible amount of progress in the last couple of decades. What is more important — the pace of robot technology is accelerating. That means that what used to take many decades to develop now happens in years. Eventually, what took years will happen in months, and what took months will happen in days. The trend is unmistakably one of accelerated development. I just have 2 questions:

How far are we from the Technological Singularity?

Will technology replace biology?

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