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Until: Who wants to live for ever? [A Short Doc]

human scullUntil: Who wants to live for ever is a fantastic documentary exploring when is the right age to die.

Until film synopsis: Do you want to live to 100? 1,000? What about for ever? Meet a man seeking immortality, leading age-research scientists, the very young and the very old as they grapple with deciding what is the right age to die in Until, a journey of the lifetime.

The human lifespan is increasing by five hours a day – every day. But how much life is enough? What if society reached a point where individuals could essentially choose how long they lived? At what age would people decide to call it a day, meet their maker and embrace death? And, for those reaching towards immortality, what would they do with their infinite time?

These are the profound questions explored in Until. Part science, part philosophy, this film invites us all to ask just one question: would I want to live for ever?

Winner of the Imagine Science Film Festival’s ‘Nature People’s Choice award’, 2011.

Directed, filmed and edited by Barry J Gibb.

You can read the film transcript for Until here.


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