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Donate and Support Singularity WeblogAbsolutely all the content that I create is available for you to enjoy for free. I don’t charge because I want everyone to benefit, regardless of economic means or place of origin.

I have no physical product to sell and you are under no obligation to donate or do anything. However, since I do not have any ads or a major sponsor, and since blogging has been my sole full-time occupation for the past 9 years, donations are by far my primary source of income. Thus, even though making a donation gets you nothing material in return, please know that it does have a direct impact on my ability to survive and keep producing even more great content for you to enjoy.

So, if you believe that Singularity Weblog and the Singularity.FM podcast provide valuable information, have in any way enriched your life or simply made you stop and ask some good questions, then please do consider a donation.

You can donate directly to me below or become a Singularity.FM patron on Patreon.

I would appreciate any amount, no matter how small you may think it is.

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Donor’s Hall of Fame List


Alan Hoshor, USA
Addison Melton, USA
Alex Bokov, Russia
Alex Wright
Alexander Gromov, USA/Ukraine
Anake Goodall, NZ
Antonio Bico
Ariel Del Rosario, USA
Barry Brackett, Thailand
Bjoern Kleinert, Germany
Brandon O’Brien
Carson McKnight
Carlos Centilmen
Christopher Calumn
Colin Hicks, USA
Copy Control EOOD
Cynthia Stewart
Daniel Bryant
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Faggella
Danielle Mancinelli
Darlene Damm
Darren Reynolds, UK
David Orban
David Williams, USA
Dean Pomerleau
Edmund Kademan
Edward Mulder
Eric Sanders
Emily Young, USA
Ewan Dawson
Federico Pistono
Filip Schrooyen
Fred Groothius
Frederic Emam-Zade
Gary Evans
Gennady Stolyarov II
Giovanni Santostasi
Gordon Bell, USA
Hans Elde
Homo Evolutis
Ian Russell
Ignas Vaitkunskas
Jack Andraka, USA
Jack Splay, Australia
Jakob Olszewski
Jason Wetzel, USA
Jean Turing-Thomas
Jeff Crow
Jeff Earls, USA
Jeffery Valcourt
Jelle Haandrikman
Jennifer Barry
Jerrill Johnson, USA
Joe McDonald, USA
John Andersen
John Boehr
John Leonard
John Smart
John Teets
Jonathan Cooper
Jon Kjaer Nielsen
Jonathan Voelm
Jonathan Willis Jarvis R.
Joshua Rosenblum
Juan Carlos Kuri Pinto
KaaperSimardip Kalsi
Karl Doerrer-Attaway
Keith Adler
Keith Hoyes, UK
Kent Trabing
Dr. Kim Solez
Klaus Birken, Germany
Lincoln Cannon
Linda MacDonald Glenn
Linnea Richardson
Lorenzo Delpani
Lukas Müller, Austria
Łukasz Gąsiewicz, Poland
Lynn Walton, USA
Maarten Roosen
Manfred Pade
Marc Lewis, USA
Marcel Mayr
Marco Alpini
Marco Santini
Marcus Bryant
Martin Bigger
Marius Radukan
Martin Dinov
Matthew Price
Matthew Putman
Michael Crump
Mike McCormick
Michael Nuschke
Mike Wimsatt
Miles Raymer
Nandor Pinter
Natasha Vita-More
Neil Sampson
Nemo Aristos
Nick Heasman
Nicoletta Iacobacci
Nitin Shukla
Nur Abbas
Ofer Givoli
Omran Alkandarey
Pablo Salomon
Pascal Houde
Patty Rangel
Paul Baraka
Paul Sathis, USA
Paul Simpson
Paul Westra
Peter Atanassov
Peter Suma
Philip Bowermaster
Philip Starner
PJ Manney
Ramez Naam
Robert Brown, USA
Robert Corvus
Robert Stephens
Robert Wilson
Rodney Bloom
Ryan Hodges
Ryan Michael Clark
Sam Franklin, UK
Seamus Laverty
Sean Stoneburner
Sharon Alexander
Spencer Wolf, USA
Steve Morris
TL Reed
Todd Stephens
Tom Childers, USA
Toni Hiller
Torsten Zenas Burns, USA
Tracy Atkins
Trevor Haldenby
Troilus Bryan, Canada
Vanderlei Gomes Martinianos
Volkmar Golembusch
Walter Kissling
Walter Lehn
William Collins
William Cox
William Eckersley
William Hertling, USA

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