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  • scenarios about how things may turn out and what actions you can take

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Latest Podcast Episode

Nikola Danaylov on Review the Future Podcast: What Do Experts Think About the Singularity?

Nikola Danaylov thumb

A few weeks ago I got interviewed on Review the Future podcast. Co-hosts Ted Kupper and Jon Perry did a great job in putting me on the spot and I enjoyed talking to them very much. So, if for once you are  interested in having me as "the man with the [...]

Latest Article

Esther Perel: Navigating the future of relationships requires honest negotiation

Esther Perel thumb

From a life partner we expect equal opposites; sex and intimacy, connection and individuality, security and adventure--but is it possible to balance these different sets of needs within a single relationship? Has our model of having one life partner, to provide all our physical and emotional desires, become too excessive? [...]

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