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A conversation about exponential tech, accelerating change and ethics

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  • important events, people and topics to pay attention to
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  • scenarios about how things may turn out and what actions you can take

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Latest Podcast Episode

Rick Tumlinson on Singularity 1on1: We are here to go there. Now go do something about it!


"Rick Tumlinson is the descendant of pioneers who wants to help create the future pioneers who are going to go open the Solar system and expand life beyond the Earth. That's why I am here. The whole reason I exist is to make sure that this species and the life [...]

Latest Article

Air Shepherd Drone Program: Big Changes in Short Period


The notion of a singularity is nothing if not the concept of big change in a short period of time.  But I, and folks like Ray Kurzweil, would argue that the singularity doesn’t just fall out of the sky on a particular day.  There are precursors – the exponential trend [...]

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