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Latest Podcast Episode

Nikola Danaylov and John Rennie on TRT World News: Are we nearing the Singularity?

Nikola Danaylov TRT World News thumb

Last Wednesday morning me and John Rennie participated in a very short televised debate for TRT World News titled "Are we nearing the Singularity?". Now, I was totally green-screened, had no TV monitor to look at, my ear-piece -- the only input of connecting with the host and my interlocutor [...]

Latest Article

Are we destined to be out-played by A.I.?


Imagine a flying saucer lands in Time Square and an alien steps out. He’s a competitive fellow, so he arrives armed with a board game in hand - the game of Go. He walks up the first person he passes and says the classic line, “Take me to your best player.” [...]

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