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testimonialsOver the past 6 years I have had some truly inspirational feedback from both respected professionals in a variety of scientific domains as well as many loyal blog readers and podcast listeners such as yourself. Here is just a tiny little sample of what they have said:


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Audience Testimonials

there are probably only three things that have impacted my life to such an extent. Carl Sagan with his love for science, Elon Musk and his dedication to improving the quality of the world we live in and finally, the third person would be… Nikola Danaylov with his website Singularity Weblog. Obviously, there are a thousand people whose work I deeply appreciate (Kurzweil, Natasha-More, and so forth) but you are the hub that allows us to stay connected. You have also committed and sacrificed a lot to do so. You are the real deal. 😉
Darian Wawer
I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the Singularity 1on1 podcast. So, so interesting. Amazing job, Nikola!
Mike McCormick
14,960 subscribers for one of the most intelligent, amazing and important channels on the net. There is no chance for humanity!
Vladimir Staykov
Having subscribed for your weblog Singularity 101 for some weeks now, I want to express my gratitude for the important work you are doing for us all. I have learned about things I had no idea of existed. And I have understood how important it is to be informed about this all.
I am no scientist, have no university education at all. But your to the point questions and quiet attitude during the interviews allows me to understand what it is about. I take notes and Google what I do not understand. For me this means intense learning and getting an important overview.
Inger Midling Michel, Norway
Wow – mind blown after @singularityblog talk on post-human intelligence and exponential evolution. #PCTO14 #singularity
Scott Ahmed @ScottAhmed
Nikola has established himself as the Larry King of the Singularity
Roman Yampolskiy
About to board a 10-hour flight… time to download some podcasts from Singularity 1 on 1 (@singularityblog)
Tom Lowe
This is by far the best resource to understand the current debate around the singularity concept through interviews with all the key doers and leaders who have a say in this field. It is a must for anyone interested on the future of technology and civilization. Nikola (“Socrates”), asks and challenges each interviewee with the views of previous ones, always in a polite and friendly way.
Nikola is increasingly becoming an important voice in the field, critical to popularize and foster a healthy debate on this topic. Thank you!
Enrique Graziano
Hello Nikola I went from not understanding facebook and social media to getting very interested about the technological singularity, in a very short amount of time. Now I see some of the technology available to people like kind of outdated and I feel a little strange about that. Probably I’m really looking foward into the future. Thank you for sharing such great work with us Nikola, every time I watch your show is like taking vitamins. Really nice interview too!
Stevan Glez
I have about 40 podcasts in rotation, but Nikola’s Singularity 1-on-1 is the only one that every episode gets fully sync’d to every device so that i can replay anytime. The guests are first rate and the discussions are hugely informative, insightful and compelling.
Nick Heasman
Singularity 1-on-1… bringing the future into my iPhone, one download at a time!
Trevor Haldenby
My friends and I are driving back from our beach vacation today and my phone is loaded with your podcasts! Thanks for an interesting drive, Socrates!
Matt Chorey, Cincinnati, Ohio
“I just wanted to send you a note that, as a long time listener of your podcasts, I enjoy the range of ideas and the open dialogue. As I have been on this journey with you, I have been surprised at the diversity of expert viewpoints, many of them contradictory. I’m beginning to think that maybe The Singularity is the wrong term for your podcast–The Plurality seems more appropriate. That’s meant as a compliment. Your podcasts provide a lot of different lenses with which to view the future and help to kindle discussion, passion and sometimes disagreement–which is important if we are to play an active role in shaping the future.
If you’ll pardon a grandiose sounding compliment, thanks for your service to humanity. I look forward to seeing where the future leads you.”
Ryan Hodges


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