Nikola Danaylov Speaker Information and Requirements

Nikola Danaylov is a keynote speaker who helps event planners deliver eye-opening conferences about the dangers and opportunities of new technology so they can stand out with maximum attendance, engagement, and impact.

Note For Event Organizers: Please bookmark this page so you have all necessary information and requirements for Nikola’s speaking engagement. If you’re missing any information or have questions, please email Nikola here.

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Speaking Fees

All speaking engagements are 100% customized to your event’s agenda and audience. Please email Nikola for availability and specific quote details or call 1 416 879-8429.


Marketing Videos


We want to help you get your event guests excited to see Nikola’s presentation. Feel free to share this videos with your attendees prior to the event via email or social media!

You are more than welcome to use the prepared text below as well should you decide to broadcast the video to your channels. If you do that then feel free to tag Nikola’s social media profile and he will reshare with his own followers.

Nikola’s Social Media Profiles:






The people I serve: I help event planners deliver eye-opening conferences about the dangers and opportunities of new technology so they can stand out with maximum attendance, engagement, and impact.

The problem I solve: I help audiences deal with too much change in too short a time – aka Future Shock.

What I offer: Straight talk about our future, exponential technology, disruptive change and Artificial Intelligence.

Who I am: Nikola Danaylov – Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Vegan, and Philosopher.

My Creds: Nikola’s Conversations with the Future is a #1 Amazon International Bestseller. His Singularity.FM is among the most popular podcasts in the niche and the reason why Danaylov has been called the “Larry King of the Singularity.”

My appearances: I have spoken at many public and private events on technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of humanity. My Singularity.FM has had over 7+ million views and has been featured on the BBC, Space, MTV, ArteTV, TV Japan, RTL4, WIRED, the Telegraph, io9, the Huffington Post, ZDNet, BoingBoing, and many others.

My message: What if your car doesn’t need a driver anymore? What if we don’t need to age and die? What if machines get smarter than us? What if your toothbrush gets smarter than you? What happens to your business? What happens to you? Because no matter who you are or what you do, the future will always find you. The question is: Will you find the future?!…

Why book me: What if instead of fear of the future – you see opportunity, instead of an end – you see a beginning, instead of loss – you see profit, and instead of death – you see life? What if you and your organization learn to see the opportunities beside the dangers? I have been “interviewing the future” for many years and motivating people all over the world to embrace rather than fear it. What if you start asking “What if?” before it’s too late?

Who will benefit: Those who would rather surf the tsunami of exponential technology and disruptive change rather than get drowned by it



See what some of the people I have worked with have to say…


Julielynn Wong, MD, MPH

“Recently I had the pleasure of watching Nikola deliver a keynote speech for the Ontario Medical Association where he literally blew the minds of 90 medical professionals, some of whom kept asking him questions so late into the evening that the cleaning crew had to ask us to leave(…). I don’t hesitate to recommend him as a speaker to anyone or any organization interested in expanding their world-view as wide as possible to prepare for our world of exponential technology and disruptive change.”


David Hervieux (CEO – Devolutions)

“We can’t say enough how pleased we were with Nikola as our keynote speaker(…). Nikola spent a whole day with us at the event prior to his speech and was able to get a real feel of what we needed and who our clients were, delivering a personalized presentation that was energized, articulate and left the audience truly feeling inspired. I strongly recommend Nikola if you need a great AI speaker, you won’t be disappointed!”


Monica Mistretta (CEO – Netmedia)

“Nikola is a powerful storyteller who can transmit his views of the future in a way that touches everybody, and his message resounds in the audience mind. He is also very enthusiastic and gets highly involved much in advance of his participation. A reliable, kind and grateful person, Nikola is one of the smartest persons I have met.”



Photos of Nikola Danaylov

To Save Photos: Click on the link below to download Nikola’s profile images to your computer:

Photo Samples
The photos below are of lower resolution. Please do not download the images directly from this web page. Instead, please use the link above to download the high-res originals.


Sample Session Descriptions

NOTE: Use the information below for your marketing materials for the event. Some fields need to be changed for event specific needs.


Opening or Closing Conference Keynote

Tailored to 45, 60, 75 or 90 Minutes

Sample Title:
The future will always find us, but will we find the future?

This high energy, [opening, or closing] keynote session, will perfectly set the stage during [your conference event]. Powerfully delivered by Nikola Danaylov, aka the ‘Larry King of the Singularity’, you will learn why technology is not enough and why the world is transformed by asking questions. Then Nikola will help you see what are the main questions we have to contend with that will likely determine our destiny – be it individually – as citizens, or collectively – as businesses, nations and as a species, during this most crucial century of our development.

Synopsis: What happened to horses when we moved from natural to artificial power? What happens to humanity when we move from natural to artificial intelligence? What happens when your toothbrush is smarter than you? Where do you go? What do you do? What will happen to your business, to your country, to our civilization and to yourself? Are we going to become immortal, live in a utopian abundance and spread throughout the cosmos? Or will humanity fight a dystopian AI Giga-war, become enslaved and ultimately go extinct like the dinosaurs?

Sample Title:
Technology is the “How”, not the “Why” or “What”

Synopsis: Technology is the new religion, Silicon Valley is the new chosen land and entrepreneurs are the new chosen people. They promise a future that is better than we think – a techno-heaven of abundance and, naturally, immortality. And we are all believers now. But are we the masters, or are we the tools of our tools? Are we exhibiting religious fetishism for technological objects? Are we creating personality-cults around techno-prophets? Are we falling for new techno-religions – such as dataism? Is power in the hands of those behind, or those in front of the screen?

Sample Title:
Leaders Tell Uncomfortable Stories

Synopsis: What is leadership? Why stories are the most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal? Why good stories are uncomfortable? This provocative keynote will provide an unorthodox take on leadership as uncomfortable, unreasonable and politically incorrect. It aims to challenge aspiring leaders to think differently and make them ask themselves: What [uncomfortable] story do I want to tell?


Keynote or Breakout Session + Q&A

Opening or Closing Conference Keynote, Training, Facilitating, Building on Keynote Concepts

Tailored to 45, 60, 90 or 120 Minutes

Conversations with the Future: 21 Visions for the 21st Century

For generations, humanity stared at the vastness of the oceans and wondered, “What if?” Today, having explored the curves of the Earth, we now stare at endless stars and wonder, “What if?” Our technology has brought us to the make-or-break moment in human history. We can either grow complacent, and go extinct like the dinosaurs, or spread throughout the cosmos, as Carl Sagan dreamed of.

What if your toothbrush becomes smarter than you? What happens to your business, your country, your planet and yourself? What if your car doesn’t need a driver anymore? What if we don’t need to age and die? What if machines are smarter than us? What if, instead of fear of the future – you see opportunity, instead of an end – you see a beginning, instead of loss – you see profit, and instead of death – you see life? What if you and your organization get future-primed?

For many years Nikola Danaylov has been interviewing the future and motivating people all over the world to embrace rather than fear it. “Conversations with the Future” was born from those interviews and Nik’s unceasing need to explore “What If” with some of the most forward-thinking visionaries in the world today.


Introducing Nikola Danaylov

Please Note

For the introduction to the presentation, we request that you use the following format to maximize the impact and excitement for your audience.

IMPORTANT: Please omit using Nikola Danaylov’s name during your intro; instead, we ask that you use the third-person singular pronoun (he/him/his). As a way to build anticipation for Nikola to walk on stage, the video immediately following the introduction will invite the audience to welcome him and announce his name.

Personal Experience As To Why You Hired Nikola (2-3 Sentences)

Why did you hire Nikola (Him)? What value does he offer that you wanted to give to your attendees? What do you hope your guests take away from his keynote?

NOTE: The purpose of this first part is to help set your audience’s expectations for the value they’re about to receive and why it’s relevant to the event. This will also establish their attention from the very beginning and help Nikola fast-track the process of building rapport with the attendees to amplify the experience for everyone involved.

Brief Intro

“He is an Author, Futurist, Speaker and Philosopher. His book “Conversations with the Future” is an International Bestseller and his popular Singularity.FM podcast has had 6 million views and is the reason why he’s been called the “Larry King of the Singularity. Please help me welcome Nikola Danaylov on our stage today!”

Video Setup

“I hope you’re as excited as we are to have this amazing speaker with us! But, before we welcome him to the stage, please watch this video.”


Audio/Video Requirements

Please Note

Nikola does not need or use powerpoint, photos, sounds, and videos.

Projector / Screen(s)

  • For larger rooms and audiences, consider having two screens instead of one. This is powerful when people are able to get a clear view of Nikola speaking from any part of the room.
  • Centrally located projectors (unless above Nikola’s head) are not generally recommended. The reason is that it causes Nikola to have to walk through the projection light when moving across the stage or front of the room. If a centrally located screen is the only option please arrange the seating so that the speaker can walk behind the projector and still have room before the seating of the audience starts. We understand that from time to time some venues just can’t accommodate other options.

Audio / Video Sound Connection

  • Wireless Lapel Mic or Wireless Headset Mic is required
  • Wireless Handheld Mic for the audience, if there is a Q&A

Pre-Event AV Call

  • IMPORTANT: Please email the name, email, and contact number of the Venue’s AV Coordinator/Tech
  • A pre-event call will be scheduled with the Coordinator to go over their current setup and avoid any ‘surprises’ on the day of the event.

Final AV Notes

The more professional the AV, the better the presentation. Nikola generally arrives a minimum of an hour prior to your event to walk the room, meet with the Venue’s AV Coordinator/Tech, and do a few tests with an empty room.

Empty room tests are imperative as there are numerous challenges that can arise prior to the event and the goal is to solve, test, and execute seamlessly.


Travel Requirements

Option 1 – Client Pays a Flat Rate Travel Fee

Domestic Travel – $1,500 USD

  • Continental USA and Canada (Add $500 for Alaska and Hawaii)
  • The client pays the above flat rate travel fee in full together with a 50% speaking fee deposit upon execution of the contract.
  • Speaker will handle all bookings and all expenses related to travel, including Airfare, Rental Car, Fuel, Tolls, Uber/Taxi Fares, Parking, Hotel, Meals…etc.)

International Travel – $5,000 USD

  • Any travel that requires Nikola to travel with his passport – i.e. outside of Canada or USA.
  • The client pays the above international flat rate travel fee in full together with a 50% speaking fee deposit upon execution of the contract.
  • Speaker will handle all bookings and all expenses related to travel, including Airfare, Visas, Rental Car, Fuel, Tolls, Uber/Taxi Fares, Trains, Hotel, Meals…etc.)

Option 2 – Client Books, Organizes and Pays for Speaker Travel, Accommodation and Other Logistical Expenses Directly

Airfare For National Travel

  • The client will handle the booking of airfare at the time of execution of the contract.
  • Speaker generally travels economy airfare when possible to keep costs down for the client but this applies only for direct domestic flights within US and Canada.

Airfare for International Travel

  • The client will book business class seating and the client understands that this will incur higher travel expenses.


  • The client will book and pay for expenses related to a standard hotel room either in the same hotel as the venue or one within immediate walking distance if the venue is not in a hotel (i.e. conference or convention center).
  • A quiet non-smoking room in a quiet part of the hotel is best.
  • Generally, two double/queen beds, non-smoking is requested as the speaker travels often with his assistant or video/cameraman.
  • If the Speaker is traveling alone a queen bed will be sufficient.

Ground Transportation

  • The client will handle the booking of all ground transportation for the speaker from and to the airport.
  • Examples Include Rental Car, Fuel, Tolls, Uber/Taxi Fares, Trains, Hotel Parking/Garage Fees, Venue Parking Fees…etc.

Speaker Home Airport Parking

  • There will also be a small expense related to the cost of the speaker’s home airport parking. This will be billed at $25 a day for each day the speaker is associated and/or traveling to and from the event.
  • Example: Two event hotel nights would generally equal 3 parking days based on travel to and from the event ($75).


  • Speaker will remember to eat during his travels, stay well nourished with healthy foods, and happily cover all expenses related to meals.



Q: Does Nikola need a meal prior to him speaking?
A: He chooses not to eat right before going on stage. His number one reason is fear of spilling food or drink on his clothes. 😉

Q: There is an official dinner after the keynote, what kind of food preferences does Nikola have?
A: Nikola loves healthy vegan whole-plant-based foods and meals. [Vegan means no meat, fish, dairy or honey. Whole-plant-based means avoiding bleached white-flower, white rice, white pasta, white potato chips etc and, instead, a preference of unprocessed whole grains, plants, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts. Nikola has no known food allergies.]

Q: Would Nikola like water provided for him on stage?
A: Yes, please. A 20oz water bottle with a closeable screw top lid is requested.

Q: Will there be a Q&A after his keynote?
A: Nikola ends on a powerful high note. So any Q&A session must be considered and agreed upon in advance.

Q: Will Nikola be around to connect with audience members?
A: One of his favorite things to do is connect with members. If there is a short 15 min break right after the keynote (for opening and/or midday keynotes) then this allows audience members to connect, say hello, and/or share a short story with him.

Q: What should we consider if Nikola is the closing keynote?
A: When Nikola closes your event, do your very best to have the last person coming up after him (generally the President, CEO or Event Leader) speak for no more than a few minutes to wrap up the event. Because of how powerful the closing Keynote is, it’s imperative that the audience carries that energy right out the doors. Events that have chosen to do a raffle, last minute awards or other housekeeping items have found that they lose their audience during the final moments of their conference.

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