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Gerd Leonhard on AI and Digital Ethics Thumbnail

It’s been ten years now since I came up with my thesis that Technology is Not Enough. That ethics is a good¬†operating system to help us debug not only our technology but also our society. And so it makes me very happy to find other travelers on the same journey, especially if they are further ahead than me ;-) This is Gerd Leonhard’s latest short film sharing some thoughts on his #1 speaking topic: humans versus/with machines, artificial intelligence and the future of humanity in a world where machines can hear, see, speak, learn and ‘think’. On the one hand, artificial intelligence (AI) clearly has the capacity to improve our lives in pretty much every aspect, from energy to medical to smart cities; on the other end, it could fundamentally change who we are as humans, and what we think [...]

‚ÄúOracle of Silicon Valley‚ÄĚ Tim O’Reilly on WTF: Do Work That Matters Thumbnail

Inc Magazine called Tim O’Reilly¬†the ‚ÄúOracle of Silicon Valley.‚ÄĚ Wired called him ‚ÄúThe Trend Spotter.‚ÄĚ Others have noted that ‚Äúthe Internet was built on O‚ÄôReilly books.‚ÄĚ All in all, Tim O’Reilly is as perfect of a guest for my Singularity.FM podcast as I can ever imagine. So, I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. During our 90 min conversation with Tim O’Reilly we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: why Tim sees himself as a change-maker; the change he is after; the aesthetic and the useful; the importance of story; Tim’s background in Latin and Ancient Greek; his thesis on Mysticism and Logic in Plato’s Dialogues; ethics as a way of debugging technology and society; reality and truth; why he is not a singularity fan; whether we can influence the future or not; why [...]

At the Heart of Intelligence: A Film by Gerd Leonhard & Telia Finland Thumbnail

At the Heart of Intelligence is an emotionally compelling and well-made short film discussing artificial intelligence. It was produced in collaboration between popular futurist Gerd Leonhard and Telia Finland. The movie employes powerful visuals, fantastic music and high-quality production but not at the expense of also asking some vital questions about intelligence – in general, and artificial intelligence – in particular. Hope you enjoy it. Synopsis: What will happen to humans when machines get more and more intelligent? Futurist Gerd Leonhard and the Helsinki Data Center are figuring it all out… ÔĽŅ

Physicist Max Tegmark on Life 3.0: What We Do Makes a Difference Thumbnail

Some people say that renowned MIT physicist¬†Max Tegmark is totally bonkers and refer to him as “Mad Max”. But, to quote¬†Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland,¬†“All the best people are.” Furthermore, I am not sure if Tegmark is “mad” but I am pretty sure he is very much “fun” because I had a total blast interviewing him on my Singularity.FM podcast. During our 90 min conversation with Max Tegmark we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: curiosity and being a scientist; reality and math; intelligence, AI and AGI; the technological singularity; Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence; populating the universe; Frank J. Tipler’s Omega Point; the Age of Em and the inevitability of our future; why both me and Max went vegan; the Future of Life Institute; human stupidity and nuclear war; technological unemployment. [...]

Transhumanist Manifesto Inspires WIRED Article on Transhumanism Thumbnail

A couple of weeks ago¬†Joi Ito¬†– head of the MIT Media Lab and contributor to WIRED Magazine, interviewed me about my Transhumanist Manifesto¬†and related topics such as life-extension, immortality, cryonics,¬†speciesim, and ethics. Some people have said that this is the best interview I have done so far: Nikola’s best interview for quite a while, IMHO. I do think @joi has a slightly out-of-date view of what people interested in the singularity think. Even Kurzweil is less Polyanna-ish now, and Joi’s friend Peter Diamandis points to the need to build bridges to abundance. ‚ÄĒ Calum Chace (@cccalum) May 22, 2018 It is hard for me to judge objectively if that is indeed the best interview I have ever done or not. However, subjectively, I feel it was definitely the most fun one I have done so far. Joi Ito, in turn, [...]

Philosopher Peter Singer on AI, Transhumanism and Ethics Thumbnail

Peter Singer is arguably the most influential living philosopher of our day. His book on Animal Liberation¬†basically started the animal rights movement and his textbook on Practical Ethics is the standard philosophy text of first-year students. No wonder that in 2005¬†Time Magazine called Peter Singer one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And so for me, personally, having¬†Professor Peter Singer on Singularity.FM was a dream come true. During our 1-hour conversation with Peter Singer¬†we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: ethics and philosophy; why he is not an animal lover; why he is a flexible vegan; 3D printed meat; Peter’s personal mentors and inspirations; transhumanism and human nature; his biggest dreams and fears; why I went vegan; his greatest ethical failure; Ayn Rand and objectivism; climate change, instinct and evolution; intelligence and ethics; whether life-extension [...]

Nikola Danaylov on the Future Grind Podcast Thumbnail

Last month Ryan O‚ÄôShea ‚Äď host of the Future Grind Podcast, did what is probably the most thorough interview with me so far. I thought it might be good to repost it on Singularity.FM so that you can listen to me being interviewed for a change while also getting exposed to another fantastic futurist podcast that I recommend highly.

Hope you enjoy it but, either way, do let me know. ūüėČ

Yuval Harari on Why Fascism is so Tempting and How Your Data Could Power It Thumbnail

In a profound talk about technology and power, author and historian Yuval Harari explains the important difference between fascism and nationalism — and what the consolidation of our data means for the future of democracy. Appearing as a hologram live from Tel Aviv, Harari warns that the greatest danger that now faces liberal democracy is that the revolution in information technology will make dictatorships more efficient and capable of control. “The enemies of liberal democracy hack our feelings of fear and hate and vanity, and then use these feelings to polarize and destroy,” Yuval Harari says. “It is the responsibility of all of us to get to know our weaknesses and make sure they don’t become weapons.” (Followed by a brief conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson) ÔĽŅ Related Articles Yuval Harari at the World Economic Forum: Will the Future [...]

Jonathan Taplin on Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy Thumbnail

Jonathan Taplin is the Director Emeritus of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, and a former tour manager for Bob Dylan and The Band, as well as a film producer for Martin Scorsese. If that is not enough to make him a worthy guest of Singularity.FM then let me add that Jonathan is a visionary entrepreneur who started the very first streaming VOD startup called Intertainer way back in 1996. Finally, Taplin is the author of a timely book titled Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornernerd Culture and Undermined Democracy. In my view Move Fast and Break Things is a must read and we all should not only discuss but also take political action on the issues described by Jonathan. [At least to the extent that we want to have a sustainable and working democracy.] During our [...]

Entrepreneurial Activist Joi Ito on Whiplash and the MIT Media Lab Thumbnail

Joi Ito is just one of those people who simply don’t¬†fit a mold. Any mold. He is an entrepreneur who is an activist. He is an academic without a degree. He is a leader who follows. He is a teacher who listens. And an interlocutor who wants you to disagree with him. Overall, I hate to say it but I must put forward my own biases by admitting that this was probably the most fun interview I have ever done. Ever. So, either I let all my personal biases run free on this one or it was truly¬†a gem of an interview. You be¬†the judge as per which one it was and please don’t hesitate to let me know. During our 90 min conversation with Joi Ito we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: being an entrepreneurial activist; [...]

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