Martin Rees preview

Sir Martin Rees on the Future: Prospects for Humanity

Douglas Rushkoff preview

Media Theorist Douglas Rushkoff on Team Human

Nikola Danaylov on the Dissender preview

Nikola Danaylov on the Dissenter: The Singularity, Futurism, and Humanity

Nikola Danaylov on Aways Another Way Podcast

Nikola Danaylov on the Always Another Way Podcast: The World is Transformed by Asking Questions

Nikola Danaylov at DES 2017 thumb

We’re All Truck Drivers Now: Nikola Danaylov @ DES2017


Technology is Not Enough: the Future of Humanity in an Age of AI with Nikola Danaylov


The Devolution of Nikola Danaylov: Socrates In The Baboon Room

Surviving AI thumb

Two Singularities

nine-algorithms-that-changed-the-future thumbs

The Future of AI Through a Historian’s Looking Glass: A Conversation with Dr. John MacCormick


The Power of Thought: Dr. Norman Doidge and the Brain That Changes Itself


David Pearce reads The Antispeciesist Revolution


Transhuman: Titus Nachbauer’s Short Doc on Transhumanism