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Nikola Danaylov and John Rennie on TRT World News: Are we nearing the Singularity?

Nikola Danaylov TRT World News 3Last Wednesday morning I and John Rennie participated in a very short televised debate for TRT World News titled “Are we nearing the Singularity?”.

Now, I was totally green-screened, had no TV monitor to look at, my ear-piece — the only input of connecting with the host and my interlocutor kept popping out of my ear, and, as you will see, I am not even in focus. Not sleeping for several days in a row doesn’t help either but, other than that, I think it was all perfect. 😉

Synopsis: After a computer out-smarts a human at a complex game for the first time, The Newsmakers talks to John Rennie and Nikola Danaylov about whether this could be the beginning of the Singularity with artificial intelligence.

Here is the video:

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  • CM Stewart

    “The Larry King of the Singularity!”

    Imagine a sufficiently advanced AI repeatedly tested by the obstacles placed in its path by humans. For the AI to keep eliminating the *obstacles* would be silly…

  • Neoliberal Agenda

    Great discussion! I am amazed how many great arguments you managed to bring up in such a short period of time.

  • Bravo!

  • Bob

    Nikola, you handled yourself very well in the interview, well done! The interviewer worded almost all his questions with a negative slant towards AI, and you provided an alternative positive option. I think the average person on the street only sees the skynet side of AI and they need to be educated. I hope more interviews come your way.

  • Dan Vasii

    Eliminating the source would be more reasonable… end of humanity, period?!?

  • Dan Vasii

    You did great, Nikola! I enjoyed the interview! Very interesting and very on the point and pragmatic. It probably provided the most, inenterested people with a proper perspective upon SIngularity. Congratulations!

  • Thanks very much Dan, I am glad you liked it. Though, from my point of view, as usually I am own worse critic so think I could have looked and especially spoken better 😉

  • Dan Vasii

    But the actual quality of an interview depends on the quality of questions, answers just follows…

  • RoseTattoo

    You killed it Nikola, well done !!! I think you need to spend more time on that side of the camera.

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