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Latest Podcast Episode

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University

Nikola Danaylov SU NL Thumb

Update: About a day and a half after this was originally published, I got a call from SU President Rob Nail and was told I made some good points as well as some bad ones. We agreed to begin a process where I get enlightened about my mistakes. I am [...]

Latest Article

Will Robots Take Over By Swarm?

Drones Invasion Isolated on White Background 3D Illustration.

In popular culture, the term “swarm robotics” most likely conjures images of battles from “Star Wars” movies. While those images may be rooted in science fiction special effects, according to Dr. James McLurkin, swarm robotics engineer and assistant professor at Rice University’s Department of Computer Science, swarm robots are a [...]

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