Singularity University Lectures: Dr. Alex Jadad on Making Longer Life Worth Living

A couple of weeks ago we had the incredible pleasure of having Dr. Alex Jadad at Singularity University.

Dr. Jadad spoke on Making Longer Life Worth Living and I have to admit that it was perhaps the most moving lecture that we have had so far. Furthermore, as attested by the standing ovation at the end of his presentation, it seems that all of us felt the same way.

Alex pulled no punches and did not fail to shock and awe his audience with all kinds of profoundly philosophical, personal and emotional questions. However, the main point of his presentation was a simple yet crucial question aimed at alleviating human suffering that sits at the heart of his work:

“We are putting more years into out lives, but how can we put more life into our years?”

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Dr. Jadad’s Presentation Slides

Who is Alex Jadad?

Dr. Alex Jadad’s mission is to help improve health and wellness for all, through information and communication technologies (ICTs). Dr. Jadad is the founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. He is also spearheading the development of the Global eHealth and eWellness Network Initiative (GENI, pronounced as “genie”), a unique group of individuals, organizations, tools and facilities working in harmony to promote research, development, education, policy, funding, recognition and commercialization activities related to the uses of ICTs to promote optimal levels of health and wellness, worldwide.

Dr. Jadad’s numerous awards, including a ‘National Health Research Scholars Award’, by Health Canada (1997), one of ‘Canada’s Top 40 Under 40’ awards (1998), a ‘Premier’s Research Excellence Award’ (1999), the New Pioneers Award in Science and Technology (2002). In 2001 and 2002, he was featured by Time Magazine as one of the new Canadians who will shape the country in the 21st century, and as one of the leading medical researchers in the country. In 2004, he received the Canadian Latin Achievement Award, as one of the people who have made important contributions to the relationship between Canada and the Hispanic world. In 2005, he was selected by the Top 40 Under 40 alumni as one of “The Best of the Best” for achievements in Health and Science, and by his peers in Colombia as the scientist who probably has had the greatest impact in the country’s history.

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