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Socrates Gets Interviewed on the Futurology Podcast

Nikola-Danaylov-SU-Profile-768x10241852A few weeks ago I got interviewed on the Futurology Podcast.

During my one hour conversation with show host Jason Peffley we discuss a number of topics such as: how I got to do blogging and podcasting; my time and take on Singularity University in particular and education in general; the wait-and-see vs the proactive approach to the future; the definition of the technological singularity; slow vs hard take-off scenarios; whether I am a futurist or not; my favorite singularity books; the political and economic reality in the US; why life extension technology is so exciting; why I hate Prometheus; pessimism vs optimism…

Here is the original podcast description written by Jason Peffley:

“Instead of running through the top 5 links, this episode is dedicated to interviewing Nikola Danaylov. His site (singularityweblog.com) is periodically discussed here and his podcast has featured some of the biggest names in technology.  Nikola has also studied at the Singularity University.  He now makes his living by blogging, podcasting, and attending singularity related events around the world.”


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  • Jason Peffley

    Thanks again for taking the time – drop by reddit.com/r/futurology once in awhile!

  • My pleasure Jason – I will keep an eye on it and good luck! 😉

  • Boyan Currious

    Very helpful insights Nikola ! Great interview 🙂

  • Eli Gaiano

    Nikola rocks.

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