The Centrifuge Brain Project: Gravity Is A Mistake

The Centrifuge Brain ProjectThe Centrifuge Brain Project is a 6 min short mdockumentary about the scientific experiments with amusement park rides in general and their effects on the brain in particular.

The film narrator – Dr. Nick Laslowicz from the Instutue of Centrifugal Research in Florida, takes us through the story of investigating the effects of kindergarten rides on the learning curve of four-year-old children.Eventually the researches came up with the idea of building a larger, stronger and faster device that would allow them to examine the effects on adults.

Despite the initial setback of the first prototype falling apart after reaching 6 g’s, Dr. Laslowicz and his colleagues persisted and eventually produced a number of impressive devices such as the Spheroton Centrifuge (1982), the Wedding Cake (1985), the High Altitude Conveyance (HAC 1991), the Expander (1993), the Dandelion prenatal ride (1996), the SPC Steam-Pressure Catapult (2003) and others.

My two favorite quotes from the film:

“These machines provide total freedom. Cutting all connection to the world we live in; communication, responsibility, weight. Everything is on hold while you are being centrifuged.”

“If anything the mistake is in nature. Gravity is a mistake!… We fight the forces that hold us down and all life is an effort to escape from reality…”

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