Write for Singularity Weblog

  • Write for Singularity BlogAre you interested in technology, exponential growth and artificial intelligence?
  • Are you eager to blog about the impact of the above issues and share your thoughts about how humanity ought to adapt?
  • Do you want a place to post and popularize some of your best singularity articles?
  • Are you interested in helping others understand the issues and the stakes surrounding the technological singularity?
  • Have you got some proprietary singularity articles, pictures, podcasts, video or other content that you want to put on-line?

If so, I will love to feature one or more of your content pieces here at Singularity Weblog.

What am I looking for?

  • Any proprietary well written article which falls broadly within the topic of or is related to the technological singularity. (For blog writing tips click here.)
  • The article may be written in one of the following categories: Op Ed; News; How to; Tutorials; Tips; Lists; Reviews; Podcast; Video; etc. (see Archive for ideas)
  • I prefer if your blog post includes an interesting photo (at least one) or video that illustrates what you are writing about. (Make sure the media you suggest to use is either your own or, in one way or another, you have the right to publish it along your text. If you are struggling with this please let me know and I might be able to help you.)
  • I would love your post to be at least 350 words long.
  • I do not pay for guest articles but will give you a byline and include a link back to your own blog, website, G+, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account. Please attach a small profile picture and a 1 or 2 lines worth of personal bio which will serve as the byline at the end of your post.
  • Submissions need to be original content that has not been and will not be published elsewhere online and you need to be willing for me to use them on this site indefinitely. Also, please be aware that even if your content gets published this does not make you a Singularity Weblog staff-writer and you are not entitled to represent my blog in any way without a specific written permission.

Email it to me: Please submit your ideas via email through my Contact form. If you want to post a longer, more in depth blog post with all accompanying photo and video attachments – just email me with the idea for the article and I will get in touch as to whether I think I can use it or not.

Please note: While I would love to use everyone’s submissions I cannot guarantee that I will do so due to the number of people who read this blog but also because I want to keep the article content quality high. If you are unsure of whether an article will be suitable for Singularity Weblog and want to check please feel free to contact me.