Transhuman Visions: San Francisco Conference Almost Sold Out

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Transhuman Visions will be an all-day conference on February 1, 2014, that will present numerous speakers who have been interviewed on Singularity 1-on-1. The list of transhumanists delivering talks at the show includes “biohackers, neuro-optimists, extreme futurists, philosophers, immortalists, steal-the-singularitarians, etc.” Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a keynote speaker at the event. Additional speakers are Zoltan Istvan, Rachel Haywire, Randal A. Koene, Rich Lee, Rudy Rucker, Shannon Friedman, RU Sirius, Apneet Jolly, Scott Jackisch, Hank Pellissier, Paul Speigel, Roen Horn, and Maitreya One. The event will […]


Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition

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Art history has taken a new turn with the animation Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition, created by the Sweden based artist Anders Ramsell. The original Blade Runner is a 1982 American dystopian science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. Anyone who has ever tried to do a cover of a favorite song or worked with an ensemble to put up a play knows that you always try to add something new, something that makes it your very own… Blade Runner: The Watercolor Edition takes you even further away […]


Bruce Duncan on Terasem’s Lifenaut Project: Be The Author of Your Own Story

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Last October I traveled to Vermont to visit the Terasem Movement Foundation and speak to its managing director Bruce Duncan. I first met Bruce at the Idea City conference in Toronto where he shared the stage together with Bina 48. Needless to say I was impressed by both of them and thus I couldn’t refuse an invitation to visit Terasem headquarters and interview Mr. Duncan in person. During our 40 min conversation with Bruce we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: the Terasem Movement […]


Transhumanism Goes to Campus

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I feared I did it all wrong. They just stared at me with moon eyes.  They resembled car crash victims, dizzy and bewildered in the aftermath of a rear-end collision.  I began to suspect I was the one who just drove the truck into their back bumper. Five minutes previous I had given a lecture to 300 college freshmen on the subject of transhumanism.  The class had been reading Feed by M.T. Anderson, a novel about future youth who get the Internet delivered directly to brains […]


Godfrey Reggio on Singularity 1 on 1: We Are in the Cyborg State!

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Godfrey Reggio is an inventor of a film style which creates poetic images of extraordinary emotional impact for audiences worldwide. Reggio is prominent in the film world for his Qatsi trilogy - Koyaanisqatsi: Live Out of Ballance, Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation, and Naqoyqatsi: Life as War, essays of visual images and sound which chronicle the destructive impact of the modern world on the environment. Thanks to my friend Tom Lowe, I was very fortunate to attend the premiere of Godfrey’s latest film - Visitors. In my view Visitors is one of […]


Transhuman: Titus Nachbauer’s Short Doc on Transhumanism

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Transhuman: Do you want to live forever? is Titus Nachbauer‘s short documentary about transhumanism. Synopsis: Philosopher and Swedish computational neuroscientist Anders Sandberg does not accept death as a foregone conclusion. According to him it will become possible this century to upload your mind into a computer. He is a member of a small group that calls itself the transhumanists. Transhuman is a short documentary film by director Titus Nachbauer. It is about radical life extension, cryonics and future technology that might change the human condition. The […]


AGI with Profit Maximizing Shark Mentality

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Mankind’s future might be in peril: What happens if an AGI is developed with the shark mentality of a Stock Trading AI System and let loose on the world?! Math is the road to riches in the financial markets these days. No longer the yelling of “Buy, buy” or “Sell, sell” of a few dozen rowdy guys on a stock market exchange floor. Now the action takes place in dealing rooms by math heads and requires intelligence above all else. Many good traders are females, who […]