Nikola Danaylov on 2030 Beyond the Film: We Need Ethics and Commitment, Not Transhumanism

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Posted on: June 16, 2020 / Last Modified: June 16, 2020

A month or so ago Johnny Boston generously arranged for me to have a private screening of his latest film 2030. This is a 1-hour conversation we recorded a couple of weeks later and, without any doubt, the best way to judge the movie is to watch it yourself. The following conversation below is mostly about transhumanism – in general, and FM 2030 – in particular, as well as my own personal, biased, inconsistent, and evolving ideas.

Some of the topics that we discussed with Johnny Boston are: who I perceive and aspire myself to be; why stoicism is my favorite philosophy; why I don’t like to call myself an expert; why genius and stupidity are roommates under the same roof; the 3 goals of Johnny Boston’s film about FM 2030; theism, humanism, transhumanism, and environmentalism; Zoltan Istvan’s ideas about solving problems; why FM 2030 was a visionary ahead of his time; why technology is the how and not the why; how our narrative determines our future; why the biggest shift we all need to make is not scientific or technological.

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