ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future

It is harder and harder to make sense of life. Everything is changing, all the time, at a faster and faster pace. Our civilization is struggling to react to and keep up with exponential technology and disruptive change. Our age-old institutions, politics, economics, ethics, religion and laws, even our environment, are so fundamentally challenged, that we risk collapse. Our stories have gotten so divorced from reality, so divisive, so inflexible and so inept to adapt to and explain our present, let alone guide us towards a better future, that we often feel like helpless passengers on a Titanic spaceship Earth. No wonder Aristotle observed that “When the storytelling goes bad in a society, the result is decadence.”

But why is this the case? And, perhaps more importantly, how is it that bad storytelling can keep, if not bring, a whole society down? Is that not simply overstating the power of story?

Literary theorist Kenneth Burke famously noted: “Stories are equipment for living. Human beings need storytelling in order to make certain sense out of life.” If that is true then our equipment for living has gone obsolete. And unless we upgrade we are going to go obsolete too.

We desperately need a new story. A story that will not only help us make sense of the world today but also unite us as a species of human beings. A story that will motivate us to stop bickering and resolve our common problems. A story that will inspire us to achieve our common goals and guide us towards a better future for all sentient beings on our planet.

We have to rewrite the story. Our story. The human story. Because the old stories that brought us thus far are no longer useful. They’ve lost their vision and grandeur. They’ve become petty and short-sighted. They’re stuck in a past that never was at the expense of a future that can be. They divide us and keep us bickering while our civilization is facing unprecedented diversity and depth of existential challenges. Those stories are not simply our history. They are now our chains. And unless we break them, they will be our death sentence.

So, if it is true that old stories or bad stories can bring us down, then, it is worth exploring if or how new stories, good stories can bring us up.

The human story that brought us into the 21st century was written and rewritten several times. The latest major update was perhaps during the industrial revolution. It is time to rewrite it again. We need a new story. A brave story. An unreasonable story. A story that can inspire, unite and motivate us to break free from the past and create the best possible future.

This is what this book proposal is about. And, since I only have a rather rough draft, it is first and foremost a kind of a thought experiment. Many of the ideas I will be putting here are not fully formed. Some are raw. Others are just wrong. Or bad. But as a guest on my podcast once said: “Big ideas are born bad.” So I will not shy away from sharing my bad ideas with you. And, hopefully, among the gravel and the dust, there might be some nuggets too.

From now on, I intend to publish a short chapter proposal every week for the next 3 or 4 months. Then you be the judge as per how big or bad my ideas are. Either way, while I feel I am not quite ready for this journey, I feel it is a journey I must begin. Because, whether I succeed or fail in its ultimate goal of rewriting the human story, I know I would be better for trying. Hopefully, you can benefit from it too.

And, if, in the end, there is enough good material for a proper book – great. If not, then, at least I can say I tried. Either way, your feedback will play an important part in the whole process.

Thank you very much for coming along with me. And let us begin:


ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future

an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov


“The end of the human race will be that it will
eventually die of civilization.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Suggested Table of Contents:

Part I: Story

  1. The Definition of Story
  2. The Story of Story
  3. The Power of Story
  4. The Biology of Story
  5. The Power of the Story-Teller
  6. The Importance of Story [Narratives and MTP’s]

Part II: Our Story

  1. The Human Story
  2. The Science Story
  3. The Technology Story
  4. The Capitalism Story
  5. The Technological Singularity Story [AI]

Part III: ReWriting the Human Story [this is the part I am least ready for]

  1. The Danger of a Single Story  [and the Power of Many]
  2. Uncivilized Art: Stories Beyond [Trans]Humanism
  3. More chapters…


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Old Paper and Feather Qill with Glass Ink Bottle and Copy Space.

The Story of Story

Old Paper and Feather Qill with Glass Ink Bottle and Copy Space.

Part  I: Story