The Perils of Voice Recognition Technology

This is a hilarious 3min Scottish video about the perils of voice recognition technology. After watching it I just couldn’t stop laughing so I had to re-post it.

While it is dangerously funny it does raise some good questions about the cultural biases of voice recognition in particular and technology in general.

Technology is rarely neutral. It is a mirror that reflects its maker and our Human, Oh So Human species. As such it is loaded with most of our best and worst stereotypical presumptions, personal inclinations and cultural biases.

The only question is:

After the technological singularity, will the Artificial Intelligence voice recognition technology finally speak Scottish?

YouTube Preview Image

  • Rollingred5

    I laughed my arse off when I watched this video. Been living in America for 30 years now, go through this problem daily, either the phone menu or just about anybody I talk to, never seem to understand a word I’m saying. Thanks for the laugh, always great to hear another scottish accent.

  • Margaret_stitt

    I absolutely adored this, it’s so true, my catalogue has a voice activated answering machine and 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t understand me and I end up getting passed over to a customer service agent, that’s after going through all the rigmarole at the start.

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  • Scipio


  • Alex

    I have a speech disorder, so I can’t even use voice recognition software. It can be rather limiting.

  • Kay Alina

    Try “four”. Walk seven flights.

  • Robert

    voice recognition is working very well but can fail if the voice is tampered with or a recorded sound is played, not even the face recognition is fool proof. the best is the eye scan and tongue print scanner or even the thumbnail scanner can work charm.

  • Stan

    Is it possible that this could be a “Candid Camera” send-up?

  • Elvis98

    simply great I watched it two times hahahahhaha

  • Anonymous

    Could you please repeat that?

  • Anonymous

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  • upcoming gadgets

    From where i can get the translation of this???

  • 777 Icons

    I like how iPhone 4S have its Siri app – Speech recognition too. Too good for shortcut calling and texting, very funny video, Eleven! Eleven, Eleven. Only bad one is that if you have different ascents it cannot understand well.

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