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Ambition: A Short Sci Fi Film Celebrates the Rosetta Mission

AmbitionAmbition is a short sci fi film created in collaboration with the European Space Agency to celebrate their pioneer Rosetta mission and its stubborn ambition to land on a comet for the first time in human history.

Ambition film synopsis: In the distant future, an apprentice struggles to sculpt the geology of an alien planet. Upon failing, she demands that her enigmatic master give her another chance to prove her skills. Amused, he counters by reflecting on the very dawn of their home world, the origins of life there, and the enduring qualities of stubbornness, adaptability, and ambition that took them into the realm of the gods.

Is she ready to take on the ultimate test?

See the video below to find more about Rosetta’s twelve-year journey in space

This animation tracks Rosetta’s journey through the Solar System, using gravity slingshots from Earth and Mars to reach its final destination: Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Rosetta made three flybys of Earth, on 4 March 2005, 13 November 2007 and 13 November 2009, and one of Mars, on 25 February 2007. Rosetta has also visited two asteroids, taking extensive close-up images of 2867 Steins on 5 September 2008 and 21 Lutetia on 10 July 2010. Once the spacecraft is woken up from deep space hibernation on 20 January 2014, it will head for rendezvous with the comet in May. In November the Philae probe will be deployed to the comet surface. Rosetta will follow the comet to its closest distance to the Sun on 13 August 2015 and as it moves back towards the outer Solar System. The nominal mission end is December 2015.

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