Dr. Amish Patel: The Universe is a Simulation and I Have the Proof

Do you fear we might live in a simulation? Well, I just had the unique privilege to interview Dr. Amish Patel, who not only argues passionately that the Universe is indeed a simulation but also shares for the very 1st time his groundbreaking proof that this is indeed the case.

During our 30 min discussion with Dr. Patel we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: who is Amish Patel in his own words; his cutting-edge work in cosmology, quantum mechanics and applied mathematics; the collapse of scientific materialism; his savant-like multiplication skills; mathematics and the nature of reality; his biggest dream and biggest fear; why everything around us is information and his “it from bit theory of the universe”; the computation hypothesis and the simulation hypothesis; why we are the AI; negativity and nihilism; why and how we can and should become Gods; Dr. Patel’s proof we live in a simulation; Douglas Adams’ answer to life, the universe and everything; π, 41.914159265359 and the dangers of rounding numbers…

I have to mention that both I and Dr. Patel owe a special debt of gratitude to Alex Ross from the Never Sleeps Network without whom this interview would not have happened.

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Who is Dr. Amish Patel?

Dr. Amish Patel holds the Isaac Newton chair of applied mathematics and cosmology at the Mumbai campus of India’s Institute of Technology [MIIT]. His obsession with mathematics started when he was five-years-old and he quickly developed savant-like math abilities. As an award-winning mathematician, Dr. Patel was the youngest ever recipient of the Turing Prize and a full scholarship to MIIT at the age of fifteen. After studying quantum mechanics, cosmology, and applied mathematics for over 25 years, Amish has become the first scientist ever who not only discovered falsifiable evidence that our universe is effectively a computer simulation but also the very code at the heart of our space-time reality that makes up everything in our universe.

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