Breaking News: ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram on the BRX Virus Outbreak

chet-getramEmerging reports suggest that the BRX virus has already infected thousands of people. ByoLogyc – the company whose product is linked to the outbreak, has set up a mobile decontamination and vaccination facility in the heart of Toronto. Even though I usually don’t do any breaking news field-reporting, in this particularly shocking case I couldn’t help it but had to go downtown and try to find out what is going on. I was very lucky to get a rare interview with ByoLogic’s elusive and controversial CEO Chet Getram.

I apologize for the low video and audio quality but the footage was shot under dangerous circumstances and at high personal risk of infection. Our interview, held in the back of ByoLogic’s decontamination and vaccination facility, was interrupted several times by people’s screams as well as something which looked like a bodybag being carried out right in front of my camera. [Watch carefully around min 23:42 into the interview.]

During our 25 min conversation with Chet Getram we cover a variety of topics such as: ByoLogic’s company mission; its controversial product line including ByoRenew, ByoMate, ByoEnrich, ByoBreath, ByoGrow and ByoBaby; the responsibility for and the dangers posed by the BRX virus; the passionate activism and public resistance that seem to follow both ByoLogic and its unapologetic CEO.

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What is ByoRenew?

ByoRenew is the cure for everything that stops you from doing anything.

Be protected against up to 90% of common ailments and infections, allowing you to realize your dreams, in your way. Choose from a number of subscription plans that help your immune system to obliterate specific sets of viruses and bacteria, based on the lifestyle you want. We’re all born unique, with biologies that define who we are, but also defy what we imagine ourselves doing. ByoRenew is here to change all that, by changing what’s inside you into whatever you need it to be.


Who is Chet Getram?

Chet Getram is the Chief Executive Officer of ByoLogyc, a leader in the field of lifestyle biotechnology and innovation design. The son of ByoLogyc founder Hewson Getram, Chet personally led ByoLogyc’s shift away from traditional pharmaceutical products, and towards the development of solutions designed around the lives of 21st-century customers. Chet holds an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organization from the Judge School of Business at the University of Cambridge. He is dedicated through any means necessary to helping humanity fulfill its deepest desires and unlock its hidden potential. As the old adage reads: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.


A Special Message from ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram 

After the recent devastating attack on ByoLogyc’s production facilities by the online terrorist organization known as EXE, ByoLogyc is ready for action.


ByoLogyc Patient Zero Walkthrough



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