The Happy Ways Podcast with Jon Nielsen: Nikola Danaylov on COVID-19

Two days ago I was interviewed by Jon Nielsen of the fantastic Happy Ways Podcast.

During this 50 min interview with Jon Nielsen, we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: why the world is not upside down yet and what are the most productive attitudes towards the current COVID-19 crisis; why the journey – i.e. how we are going somewhere, is perhaps as important as the destination – i.e. where we are going; examples of global, American and Canadian hoarding and what they say about who we are and where we are going; the distinction between what is urgent versus what is important; why we should beware the promises of shortcuts which often take double the time, money and effort while doing collateral damage; whether there could there be a silver lining to the current COVID-19 outbreak; Bill Gates’ seminal 2014 TED Talk about why we are not ready for a pandemic; why, as Mr. Rogers used to say, we should seek the helpers; why the world is one and old nationalist narratives are falling short; why it is crucial to live in neither denial nor panic.

Find out more about Jon Nielsen on his podcasts:

English: The HappyWays podcast, episode 33
For danish listeners: Podcasten RevolutJon!, episode 16

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