The Cassandra of Futurism Faith Popcorn: Futurism Doesn’t Come from the Past

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Posted on: May 25, 2022 / Last Modified: May 25, 2022

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Faith Popcorn founded her futurist marketing consultancy in 1974. She’s been called “The Trend Oracle” by the NY Times and “The Nostradamus of Marketing” by Fortune. Faith is a trusted advisor to the CEOs of Fortune 200 companies and has predicted a variety of trends such as Cocooning and its impact on the COVID culture, Social Media, and The Metaverse. She has been invited to speak all over the planet and is the best-selling author of four books. Finally, in her own words, Faith is a jew educated at a Christian School, a Caucasian who grew up among Asians, a 6th generation New Yorker and the adopted mother of 2 girls from China.

During our 2-hour conversation with Faith Popcorn, we cover a variety of interesting topics such as why she is the Cassandra of our era; her unique background and upbringing; the origins of her Faith Popcorn name; futurism, misogyny and gender equality; her mission to bring a vision of what’s coming; saving the planet and the trends to pay attention to; her client cases like Campbell Soup, Kodak, Coke, Pepsi, Tyson Foods and others; male vs female leaders; Futurism vs Applied Futurism; why the future is vegan; why the biggest shifts are in humanity, not in technology; trend recognition, utilization, and creation; AI and the singularity.

My favorite quotes that I will take away from this conversation with Faith Popcorn are:

The people who are making today cannot make tomorrow.

Futurism doesn’t come from the past.

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Who is Faith Popcorn?

Faith founded Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve (FPBR), the futurist marketing consultancy, in 1974. The New York Times has called her “The Trend Oracle,” Fortune Magazine named her “The Nostradamus of Marketing,” and she is recognized globally as the original and foremost Futurist. She has identified such sweeping societal movements as “Cocooning,“ “SOS,” “AtmosFear,“ “Anchoring,“ “99 Lives” and “Vigilante Consumer.”

As the key strategist for Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, Faith and her esteemed team apply their insights to cultural and business Trend Truths, opening the vision of FPBR clients, repositioning their brands/companies, developing new models and innovating for sustainable growth. She is a trusted advisor to the CEOs of The Fortune 200 including such companies as American Express, Apple, Campbell’s Soup, Citigroup, Chipotle, Colgate, Comcast, Constellation Brands, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, KFC, Mars, Pfizer, SC Johnson, Tylenol, Unilever and The USPS.

With a documented 95% accuracy rate, Faith predicted the demand for fresh foods, home delivery, telemedicine, enhanced entertainment and home schooling, as well as capturing the spiritual tenor of the millennium with Cocooning and its impact on the COVID-culture. Additionally, she predicted the rise of Social Media, The Metaverse, and has a significant following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

She has been invited to speak all over the planet on subjects such as The Future of Masculinity, Child-Free by Choice, Five Future Forces, EVEolution: The Rise of Females & Gender Fluidity, and The “Fake” Food Explosion. Among her engagements: Cannes Lions, SXSW, WSJ: The Future of Everything, The Beverage Forum, ANA (The Association of National Advertisers), Advertising Women of New York, CECP (Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose), NYU, Fordham University and Dubai’s Arab Innovation Summit.

She is a best-selling author of four books: The Popcorn Report, Clicking, EVEolution, Dictionary of the Future and the upcoming, Popcorn Report 2030: A Leap of Faith.

Heralded for her extraordinary ability to forecast emerging consumer patterns, Faith is frequently interviewed and cited in the media by The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Fast Company, The Today Show, Face the Nation, and CNN as well as all the Social Channels.

She has recently launched a podcast entitled Jolty, co-created SPACED, a 7 Episode series being considered by HBO, and recorded an album about The Future.

Faith was raised in Shanghai, China, is a sixth-generation New Yorker from the now chic East Village, and a graduate of New York’s High School of Performing Arts and New York University. She is a single mother of two daughters, Georgica, 23 & Clara-Cecil, 17 (both adopted from China), and two Japanese Chins, MochiKo and Rei-Rei Kawakubo, all residing in Manhattan and Wainscott, New York.

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