Frozen in Time: Pushing the Limitations of Death

Cryonics_at_a_CrossroadsCreativity and curiosity can drive people to do amazing things, even when the rest of the world sees it as crazy. The curiosity of a young boy and a passion for science allowed for the invention of the phonograph and later the light bulb. At the young age of 16 or 17, President and CEO of ALCOR, Max More became very interested in the idea of life extension. He allowed that young curiosity and desire to know more manifest into a reality.

ALCOR is a life extension foundation that is technology-oriented and focuses on cryonics. ALCOR Life Extension Foundation opened its doors at a time when the idea of quality brain preservation was viewed by most scientists as a far off, and potentially impossible, dream. ALCOR became the first organization to demonstrate the absolute preservation of the structure of the brain. In this video, President and CEO of ALCOR, Max More gives a tour of the property and sheds some light on important aspects of the preservation process. He not only describes the steps it takes to eventually store the body, but also the importance of caring for the body from the moment the patient is declared dead. The goal for the organization is to use cryonics to benefit patients undergoing transplants and prolong our lifespan. The amount of patients being cryopreserved has significantly increased. According to ALCOR’s website, “As of April 30, 2016, ALCOR has 136 patients and 1,066 members.”

One patient preserved at ALCOR is futurist and author, FM-2030. Known as the father of transhumanism, FM-2030 has changed the way some see the future and death. He developed his views on transhumanism in the 1960s and evolved them over the next thirty-something years. “So long as we are mortal, we are not free”, he proclaimed in his book, Countdown to Immortality. An unwavering optimist, FM-2030 strongly believed and encouraged the idea of overcoming death and embracing immortality. His ideas and predictions have since come true, with more people adapting to using cell phones and other sources of technology.

FM-2030 was placed in cryonic suspension on July 8th, 2000. Thus far, he hasn’t been able to see the impact and difference he has made in the futuristic community. However, with the growth and advancements in cryonics, there is hope that FM-2030 will emerge from ALCOR and see his impact someday.

About the Author:

Johnny-BostonJohnny Boston is a filmmaker and creative director who grew up in Europe and is now living on the East Coast. Johnny is currently working on a film inspired by his friend, futurist FM-2030. The Ken Hayworth video above is the first release in a multi-part series. To see more of Boston’s videos please check out the Galactic Public Archives’ channel on YouTube.

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