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Glenn Beck Interviews Ray Kurzweil

This is the video of Glenn Beck interviewing Ray Kurzweil. Some of the topics discussed during their 30 minute conversation are issues such as the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, the law of accelerating returns and Ray’s latest book How To Create A Mind.

I don’t know if you are a fan of Glenn Beck’s or not. I myself am far from it. Still, I always enjoy hearing Kurzweil’s thoughts on a variety of topics and this time they are accompanied by a few hilarious Glenn Beck gems such as:

“For instance, there is a difference between Yahoo and Google. I use Yahoo and try not to use Google, much of it your [Ray Kurzweil’s] work. I try not to use Google but Google is by far… I mean I can type like 5 different things and I’m not finding it with Yahoo. […] I use Yahoo and not Google because I am helping you create artificial intelligence if I use Google. And I am not a technophobe, I like technology. I just don’t trust…”


“What is the difference between you [Ray Kurzweil] and somebody who worked in the eugenics program in the 1930s?!…”


“I have to tell you – I am both celebrating and despise you [Ray Kurzweil] at the same time. I am torn because I just don’t know how it’s gonna end…”

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