Inside Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” Video

I recently published an article asking Is Google Evil?

Well, the Inside Google watchdog mentioned in the article has been lobbying congress to mandate a “Do Not Track Me List.” As part of their public campaign the group also created a video which they played on the big screen at Times Square and posted on YouTube.

The video is titled “Don’t Be Evil.”

On their blog Inside Google asks:

“Do you want Google or any other online company looking over your shoulder and tracking your every move online just so it can increase its profits? Consumers have a right to privacy. They should control how their information is gathered and what it is used for.


It’s time to create a ‘Do Not Track Me’ list to prevent online companies from gathering our personal information, just as Congress had the Federal Trade Commission create a Do Not Call list to prevent intrusive telemarketers from invading consumers’ privacy.”

So, what do you think?

Is Google Evil?

I have to admit that I personally find Eric Schmidt‘s extreme caricature as a child-preying perv not only completely unwarranted but also rather distasteful. On the other hand, putting the video to the side, I have to admit that I am increasingly apprehensive about Google’s recent trajectory not only with respect to privacy but also ethics and legality…

And what about you? How do you feel about Google, Eric Schmidt and/or the video above?

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