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Jacque Fresco on Singularity 1 on 1: Apply the Methods of Science to the Social System!


Jacque Fresco is a futurist, inventor, social engineer, visionary and technician, best known for the Venus Project.

In his Future By Design documentary about Fresco’s life and ideas,  Emmy winning filmmaker William Gazecki called the 97-year-old Jacque “a modern day Da Vinci.” Others have called him “a new Buckminster Fuller.”

Now, I have to admit that I really like Jacque as a person – he just seems to have a unique combination of wisdom, life experience, sense of humor and personal humility. I also admire his multi-disciplinary accomplishments and his seemingly never-ending enthusiasm and scientific curiosity. This, however, doesn’t mean that I agree with him on everything that he says or proposes, and you would see a few of those moments during our 72 minute interview. At any rate, best thing you can do is to watch the interview in full, read Jacque’s book –  The Best That Money Can’t Buy, and judge for yourself.

During my conversation with Jacque Fresco we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: how he sees himself; scarcity and money as the root of all evil; the Venus Project; the need for unambiguous language; why he claims that most people are “unsane”; whether philosophers are bullshitters; the clash of civilizations and the nation state; education and the scientific method; the modern culture of bread and spectacles; resource based economy; Ray Kurzweil, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity; the Zeitgeist movement; Ayn Rand and objectivism; death and cryonics…

My favorite quote that I will take away from this conversation with Jacque is: “Study the meaning of science and apply its methods to the social system!”

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Paradise or Oblivion:

This video presentation advocates a new socio-economic system, which is updated to present-day knowledge, featuring the life-long work of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco, which he calls a Resource-Based Economy. This documentary details the root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms caused by our current established system. The film details the need to outgrow the dated and inefficient methods of politics, law, business, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, and use the methods of science, combined with high technology, to provide for the needs of all the world’s people. It is not based on the opinions of the political and financial elite or on illusionary so-called democracies, but on maintaining a dynamic equilibrium with the planet that could ultimately provide abundance for all people.

Paradise or Oblivion, by The Venus Project, introduces the viewer to a more appropriate value system that would be required to enable this caring and holistic approach to benefit human civilization. This alternative surpasses the need for a monetary-based, controlled, and scarcity-oriented environment, which we find ourselves in today.

This is NOT the “major motion picture” that The Venus Project is working towards but rather is a short documentary to introduce the aims and proposals to new people.


Who is Jacque Fresco?

Jacque Fresco has been envisioning the future for almost a century. An industrial designer and social engineer, he is a forerunner in the field of Human Factors Engineering, has worked as both innovator and inventor in a wide range of fields spanning aerospace, medicine, architecture, automotive design, psychology and much more. He is the founder of the Venus Project (formerly Sociocyberneering, Inc.), a twenty-five acre research facility in Venus, Florida — the function of which is to prepare approaches and solutions to major problems that confront the world today. The Venus Project represents the culmination of Fresco’s life work: the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a society based on human and environmental concern.

Fresco’s talents can only be described as prolific. His accomplishments include a tenure as design consultant for Rotor Craft Helicopter Company, service in the Army Design and Development Unit at Wright Field, a position as Research Engineer for Raymond De-Icer Corp and helped create Revel Plastics Corporation. He was a technical consultant to the motion picture industry, and also worked on the film The Magic Eye, which won the Robert J. Flaherty Award for creative film documentary.  He also has taught industrial design at the Art Center School in Los Angeles. He has authored seven books and has written and published numerous articles throughout the world. In addition, he has successfully produced and filmed four educational videos about the future that are distributed to high schools, colleges and libraries worldwide.


Mr. Fresco has been a guest lecturer at many institutions of higher learning. Fresco has been featured on countless television shows throughout the world and his world lecture tour in 2010 where he traveled to over 19 countries and gave over 25 lectures was a tremendous success. Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Winning filmmaker, William Gazecki in 1998 produced a major documentary, titled Future By Design, on Mr. Fresco’s life, designs and philosophy. In 2008, the world-renowned film, Zeitgeist Addendum, by Peter Joseph showcased the work of Jacque Fresco. This film was a huge Internet phenomenon receiving 50,000,000 views within its first year. A sequel to this documentary, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, was released in 2011 featuring Mr. Fresco, his work, and direction for the future. The film Future My Love, produced by Maja Borg in 2012, prominently features the work of Jacque Fresco.  Roxanne Meadows, in 2012 produced the film Paradise or Oblivion which is about the aims and directions of The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco.

Jacque Fresco is the founder of The Venus Project, which reflects the culmination of his life’s work: the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern. It is a global vision of hope for the future of humankind in our technological age. Television and magazine coverage on The Venus Project has been worldwide. www.TheVenusProject.com

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  • This is an outstanding interview. Jacque Fresco should be a household name. The man is one of the greatest minds of our time. Not even being sarcastic here. Hes awesome and an inspiration to what decided to do in my life.

  • Thanks for such a great and lovely interview. Jacque Fresco is the voice of common sense (which is not very “common” lately, btw).

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  • psoto

    Muchas gracias por compartir. Es fantástico saber que personas han dedicado su vida a un fin tan significativo, es inspirador. No puedo explicar la mezcla de sensaciones como la impotencia, ansiedad, motivación y angustia me provocó leer este post.

  • Codi Bryant

    What did the first monkeys do when they reached the moon?
    They planted a flag.
    Stop them. Please stop them so that they may wake up.
    Stop them in place and ask them hard questions.
    Stop them and pin them down with logic.
    Logic will be the new language. Whether we inscribe it in something new or old is irrespective of the change that must take place.

    I may have to discuss a great many things with this man. We seem to have arrived at many of the same non-conclusions.

  • I have to disagree strongly here Codi,

    The first people who went to the moon were very far from moneys that jump from on tree to another. We can jump planets now. And it is a result of everything that makes us different from monkeys.

    I also do not think that stopping space exploration is a good idea at all – if humanity is to survive we should both try and fix our mess at home but also try to avoid putting all of our eggs into one basket. This will give us the greatest chance to survive, prosper and, ultimately, populate the universe…

  • Codi Bryant

    My point was not clear with my original post, to me it seems that the more uncivilised we are when we spread beyond earth, the more likely we will take our “mine not yours” temperament with us. I think we need to unify our space exploration, with things like the ISS, but borderless. An “Earth-Space Initiative” if you will.

    By stopping them(reading my comment back it looks like I meant for us to not explore space, never ever will I consider that a good idea. Science to me is all about seeing what’s “in the dark”) I mean we should stop people(all people, my friends and I joke about them being “shaved apes” or just “monkeys”) like Einstein did Fresco, and challenge their perceptions of the world. Maybe if we can start them thinking about more than earning, television and media, we can all move forwards.

    Over all, my point was concerning us still being far to concerned with concepts and perceptions “installed” on us like software. Similar to the “Survive” directive installed like an OS on a new computer. I have an entire theory of concept, mind and self I’m coming from here. I should have explained myself properly the first time. I could go on but perhaps there is a better place?

  • Simpsoid

    What a great interview! I want to say I agree with Jacque on some points and disagree with others, but that leaves me with a quandary: That would mean I’m having opinions and free thought but they’re not real things, or at least I’m not entitled to them not having done the necessary amount of scientific research!

    But seriously, I absolutely agree that a resource-based economy is what’s required although “economy” suggests to me that money or equivalent value-based systems will still be central to it all but surely Jacque’s inference is that money needs to be removed from the equation too?.
    Sadly, I have very little optimism that resource-based “society” will ever be achieved, in my life time or any others. At least not until it’s too late.

    Space travel and extra-terrestrial colonization (Earth-orbit stations and then the moon and Mars) is essential for human survival, but probably not yet (which I think Jacque also asserts). I suspect that at present we’d just take all the same bad habits and each environment would simply be a case of “Déjà Vu All Over Again.”

  • Terrence Lee Reed

    Great interview, I will have to read Fresco’s book.

    Before the interview I thought Fresco was a kook because his Venus Project reminds me too much of “Logan’s Run” published in 1967 and released as a movie in 1976. I still think the Venus Project sounds like Logan’s Run, but he is clearly not a kook. His lucidity is amazing considering his advanced age and his vast life experience shows. That being said, he has an agenda that he holds to too rigidly. He has found the answer and it is up to us to follow it, which is of course ridiculous.

    Jacque Fresco reminds me a lot of Noam Chomsky, from his disdain of statism to his fear of nuclear weapons in space (which Chomsky believes will bring about the end of the world if it happens). I personally hold Chomsky in the highest regard.

    Regarding the 2008 documentary film “Zeitgeist: Addendum” Chomsky commented:
    “Thanks for taking the trouble to outline the documentary. What you describe mostly makes sense, but with some qualifications. The Fed has been too much focused on holding down inflation, contrary to its formal commitment to increase money supply to achieve growth and full employment. And there’s nothing like unregulated free market capitalism (it does not exist). When it moves towards the Venus project — which I’ve looked at a little — my own skepticism grows. I don’t see how to implement the proposals, unless the institutions are taken over and placed under popular control. Boycott doesn’t seem to me a feasible option.I know Perkins’s books. They’re very good, but the trouble with them is that they are mostly personal experiences, hard to verify often, hence hard to use as evidence.I can’t really promise to view the documentary. Rightly or wrongly, there’s a lot of reading that seems to me of higher personal priority.” [Noam Chomsky,2008]

  • I’m learning The Venus Project for more than a year & intent to devote my life working on progress towards this direction to achieve sustainable & peaceful civilization inhabiting many planets.


    I have never agreed ….and disagreed with someone so much in the same interview in my life! Some great insights, and great questions from Nikola. Some very funny moments as well. Nikola you did well respecting viewpoints you did not agree with on this one LOL! Great job either way and as always, its a “chew the meat, spit out the bones” scenario. Definitely some good nuggets of new thought in this one.

  • Happy you had so much fun friend – and I like your “chew the meat, spit out the bones” quote 😉

  • Hu Lee

    Best interview up to today may 2013. Thanks for this great Interview.

  • Wholewitt

    I use to respect Fresco much more but this interview shows he is delusional. Make a new precise language, nuts. Divide all the world resources among the 7 billion people, nuts. If the world would use birth control to reduce the population then there might be a small chance to raise their standard of living. Finally, people will have opinions because the can never have all the facts and the “facts” they think they know can come from polluted sources (the Republican party and Fox news are great examples). So everything outside of proven science and math is essentially opinion with some being right.

  • GodSlayer

    You just stated exactly where your coming from and therefor understood nothing.

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  • Phillip Cummings

    I think “Socrates,” is an asshole, that doesn’t know or understand anything.

  • I found a few times there was some disagreements, but you did a great job realizing that and moving on. Overall the podcast flowed well, and was enjoyable. I would love to see another podcast with him on here, with maybe a book give away or some promotional stuff!

  • dbla

    I love the way Jacque Fresco thinks and talks. Obviously he doesn’t focus on the journey as much as the destination which I think hurts his ability to talk to the closed minded.

    I’m starting to describe it in more evolutionary terms to my friends. Instead of pushing a change in culture, the culture is going to evolve on its own. Right now we can afford (and I say that loosely) more traditional views on preserving culture but someday in the not so distant future, our language and materialisms and art and music and religion will cease to matter. Our desire to have food that tastes good over being functional, will go away. Why? Because our survival will depend upon it.

    Hopefully it won’t come to this because in that state, we could swing in two directions. Come together for the good of the whole OR kill each other trying to survive.

    So, we hope it takes a really long time to come to that more immediate choice. Instead, as Jacque stated, it will come in the form of education. And the means to this education is access to data. Here is the key, access to good, relevant data. As that ability grows, as fact checking services increase and our data collection evolves into cleaner, more transparent data… there will be no other direction to go.

    Now the hopes of this happening in my lifetime is 0, in my eyes. Thus I must live a hybrid life. I’m dependent on money to buy food. I’m dependent on money to travel and gain the exposure to the world that I need to open my mind further. Thus I participate in the traditional working values and try to make money. BUT I have the best ability to promote new values to my kids and I hope that they will continue to pass on a more objective way of thinking. Of course I am competing with other people so it is a tough dance. But evolution is a slow process. So you must be patient and trust that as our society is a bit more civil than some previous civilizations (not all) that we will continue to evolve in that direction.

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  • Affirmative – philosophy is mostly bullshitting.

  • Helio Cardoso

    You’re only giving opinions. Can’t you see we’re all victims of culture? The fact that we are made to fear that which is new makes us want to “fight” every new system that we feel threaten by. Point out why such proposals would not work instead of giving your opinion. We already have to many opinions.

  • Altus Pienaar

    Jacque Fresco is truly a great human being and a humanist at that but however, society as a whole can and will never flourish under any form of central control. Some will always be benefited at the cost of most others. Furthermore this planet doesn’t have the resources or capacity to absorb more pollution and the creation of greenhouse gasses in order to realize this dream.
    I believe though that we need to look at this and understand that drastic changes will be in order for the future. They will most likely be more in line with the peaceful Basotho nation living in traditional villages high up in the Drakensberg mountains completely oblivious to the politics run by the central government who’s influences does not reach much further than the boundaries of the Lesotho capital, Maseru.
    This rudimentary and subsistence lifestyle demands community participation, collaboration and co-operation. It is hard on the body but easy on the mind. It is the only way to be truly free. Materialism = Imprisonment. Fresco have designed a very MATERIAL world and one in which true freedom can never exist.
    To be free from performing labor will simply mean we will be slaves to machines and computer controlled systems.

  • Sad to hear about the death of Jacqueline Fresco. I hope his ideas are passed on.

  • Sad to hear about the passing of Jacque Fresco on the 26th May. What an incredible person.

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