Kara by Quantic Dream: Do Androids Fear Death?

Kara is a 7 min long tech demo featuring sophisticated performance-capture technology by Quantic Dream. The clip was inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near and was unveiled by David Cage last Wednesday at a Game Developers’ Conference.

Said David Cage: “There will come a point where artificial intelligences are smarter than us, it’s inevitable,” Cage said in an interview with Wired prior to the grand unveiling. “This clip is about the moment that happens.”

Kara is the story of an android named Kara becoming self-aware while being assembled and desperately insisting that her sentience is a feature and not a bug. I find the realism moving and the poignancy of the ethical questions raised with respect to the freedom of all sentient beings, no matter their substrate, totally heart-breaking. Short clips like that might be a good way to put the spotlight on the ethics and issues surrounding artificial intelligence, non-human sentience and the potential that speciesm or bioism will eventually become no less-repugnant than racism.


Quantic Dream’s “Kara”: Behind the Scenes 

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