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The Power of Thought: Dr. Norman Doidge and the Brain That Changes Itself

Norman-DoidgeIs the brain a hard-wired machine that cannot self-repair once you pass a certain age or stage of development?! Can the mind alter the brain?! Does the mind span beyond the bran as a lot more distributed, rather than localized process?!

Dr. Norman Doidge believes the way we traditionally think about brains is wrong and that the human brain possesses incredible amounts of neuroplasticity which allow both for repair and rewiring. Neuroplasticity is a recently discovered phenomenon according to which our brains can change both their function and structure through mental experience alone. Futhermore, Dr. Doidge claims that more related research could unlock innovative treatments to serious disorders such as Parkinson’s, ADHD and autism.

The Brain That Changes Itself (full show)


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  • Георги Кънев

    as always by Brian! I put it in this way: If you see joroprocessor http://www.kanevuniverse.com you can obtain
    some analysis about how brain work from the point of view of electronic and
    physical man, who actually I’m. So let begin with the assertion that in the
    brain function there it isn’t any extraordinary, but only simple and
    understandable functional dependences. We know that in the baby brain there are
    100 billion nerve cells when he or she was born, then the baby begin to explore
    the world around and these cells make connections which are responsible about how
    to estimate the objects, what are their visual properties and how to move like
    this objects and interact with them……all these as to use the principle
    “try-error” and the cells connect themselves only if the “trying it isn’t
    error”. The non connected cells disappear because they aren’t necessary any
    more – that is remembering. So the “researching” of the baby is only acceptable
    if it is provoke by the real world. Then the baby as already becoming older
    researcher has ability and possibility of generalization of all these objects
    and their connectivity, which is physical laws, biological laws, philosophical
    laws and so on. So letter the brain gradually become “suspiciously” about
    something hidden and not directly visual, but that again must to be fit with
    the known already real characterizations or interaction of learned objects or
    phenomena to be accepted by the brain. So the truly picture of the universe can
    to be only real…the rest is fantasy. G.Kanev

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