Singularity University Day 1: Meeting Ray and Peter

My very first day at Singularity University was as intense as it was amazing. I got to personally meet and shake hands with both Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis.

Socrates and SingularityU co-founder Peter Diamandis

Our very full schedule started at 7:30 am with breakfast and went through program overviews and introductions, eventually culminating with a mind-blowing spirit-pumping opening ceremony at the San Francisco Computer History Museum. At the consequent wine-and-cheese cocktail party we got to mingle with other SingularityU alumni and dozens of Silicon Valley VIP’s.

Socrates with Ray Kurzweil

For those for whom that was not enough there was a Greek-turned-Brazilian dance party in the main student hall on campus which went on until the early hours of the morning.


A former student who took the program last year told me that after the end he went home and slept 14 hours per day for 2 weeks.

I have been on campus only 48 hours so far but it feels as if I have been here for at least a year.

Feel like drinking water from the fire-hose. Still, my body’s shouting: “SU, SU, SU, 10^9+! Give me more!!!”

P.S. Miss my wife terribly: Love you Julie!!!

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