Singularity University Lectures: David Rose on Entrepreneurship

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Posted on: September 16, 2011 / Last Modified: September 16, 2011

David Rose is not only the track Chair for Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship at Singularity University but is also an Inc 500 CEO, serial entrepreneur and an early stage venture investor, sometimes described as “the father of Angel Investing in New York”, “top dog in tech” and “the Patriarch of Silicon Valley”.

Today I am posting David Rose’s Singularity University lecture on entrepreneurship for it was among the best I’ve heard on the topic. It is a presentation full of knowledge, wisdom and experience but also humor and style.

A true hypomaniac, David speaks about the meaning of entrepreneurship, the importance of thinking differently and the ecstasy and satisfaction of going successfully against the grain while not forgetting to stress the sacrifices of being an entrepreneur and the agony and common occurrence of failure.

Who is David Rose?

David S. Rose is a serial entrepreneur who crossed the aisle to become one of the country’s leading angel investors…and then crossed back to found Angelsoft, filling a major need in the rapidly growing world of early stage investing.

As an entrepreneur, David has founded half a dozen companies since his first one at the age of ten, and has personally raised tens of millions of dollars of venture, strategic and institutional capital. He was named to the Inc 500 list as CEO of one of the country’s fastest growing private companies, and has been described as a “world conquering entrepreneur” by BusinessWeek.

As an angel investor, David founded and chairs New York Angels, one of the largest and most active angel investment groups in the US. He has personally invested in over 70 early stage companies, and serves on the boards of directors of KoolSpan, Magnify Networks, Social Bomb, Comixology, and Pond5.

Outside of Angelsoft, David is Managing Principal of Rose Tech Ventures, Chairman of Egret Capital Partners, and Track Chair for Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics at Singularity University. He has been dubbed “The Pitch Coach” by BusinessWeek for his work with early stage entrepreneurs, a “top dog in tech” by Crains New York Business, and “patriarch of Silicon Alley” by Red Herring magazine.

David writes about early stage investing and entrepreneurship on Quora and Twitter as @davidsrose, and on his blog,

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